Apple is working on a battery revolution

Apple is working on a battery revolution

Looks like Korea’s ETNews has a little scoop.

Can they revolutionize the automotive range?

Fortunately, this time, it’s not about a potential new design, better performance, or even a specific product, but rather something more important: batteries. According to the newspaper, the company, in the same way that it wants to own Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and modem chips, is developing its own batteries. It seems reasonable. We’re surprised we haven’t heard about this before.

The custom-made batteries must have been in development since 2018, with patent applications filed and new employees linked to the project. It should be about a “completely new” type of battery with much better performance than is possible now.

“Vision Pro 2” will also be able to take advantage of this

This is claimed by the person who will be directly involved in the materials that will be used, including carbon nanotubes to improve the conductivity of battery materials. The silicon content is also supposed to increase, and the plan is to replace graphite to increase capacity and shorten charging and discharging time.

The launch will likely take place in 2025. It is clear that the company wants to extend the battery life of the Vision Pro, which is only two hours, but the real “killer” improvement will be the use of a completely new battery type in the “Apple Car”. “.

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