The concierge service should prevent SMS fraud: – Then you will be refused entry

The concierge service should prevent SMS fraud: - Then you will be refused entry

In the run-up to Christmas, scam activity picks up, and 2022 is set to be one A record year for fraudaccording to Sparebank 1 SR-Bank.

Link Mobility has developed a service that secures trademark registration with Telia or Telenor so that you can appear as SMS senders.

The service is called LINK SenderID ProtectionAnd the It aims to protect people from fraud. The so-called “spoofing”, a technique that allows scammers to pretend to call you from a Norwegian number or from a known sender.

Among those who use this service is, for example, DNB.

The safety of our customers is the most important thing. Information that comes from DNB must be met with confidence. Unfortunately, we have seen a huge growth in SMS scams and phishing scams in recent years. Collaborating with Telenor and Link Mobility means we filter out those who want to misuse our brand. It is an important contribution to the daily work against fraud attempts and prevents unscrupulous actors from lying on our behalf, says Sebastian Tackl, Head of the Financial Cybercrime Center at DNB.

VIP Concierge

– The service acts as a VIP concierge. If you are on the list, you will be allowed in. If you’re not on the list, your access will be denied, says Stian Johansen, customer and development manager for Link Mobility.

He went on to say that Norwegians have a very high level of trust in SMS, but that there are many ways to communicate with customers, users, employees or members.

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Senders gain traction when using SMS, with an open rate of up to 98 percent. In practice, this means that everyone who receives the SMS opens it, and within a few minutes. Compared to email, SMS is unbeatable, with an open rate of 20 percent, says Johansen.

He also says that typical characteristics are that scammers ask for sensitive information that could be misused for financial gain.

Fraud attempts increase sharply around Christmas. Lots of stress and time pressure. Scammers are getting better at disguising scam attempts with good language and messages appearing credible.

limited filter

– In short, this is a filter that limits the possibility of criminals doing so-called impersonations of companies like DNB when they try to trick a company’s customers into providing information via SMS, says Brage Bjøntegaard, product and business manager at Telenor.

He further explains that companies can use it to ensure that fake SMS scams do not get mixed up with other authentic messages from the real company in the mobile phone inbox. This also means that they cannot have the company branding as the sender.

– This also reduces the possibility of someone sharing private information that could be misused by criminals, because this turns out to be an attempted fraud.

Bjøntegaard further explains that Telenor is collaborating with many different companies with different solutions to prevent scam campaigns.

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– We block domains used in scam campaigns daily to protect Telenor customers. The procedures are effective and help our customers and the companies we work with. At the same time, mobile customers must continue to swipe what they receive via SMS and other channels such as email and Facebook. As a general rule, you should never provide information by following links you get in these channels, he says.

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