The Fitbit Ionic is recalled: – – Overheats and poses a fire hazard

The Fitbit Ionic is recalled: - - Overheats and poses a fire hazard

We just received an email from Fitbit that the company is recalling all of its models Fitbit Ionic globally.

The company’s statement stated the following:

“Customer safety has always been a top priority for Fitbit, and accordingly, Fitbit will be recalling all Fitbit Ionic smartwatches. The reason is that we have received a very limited number of reports that the battery in the Fitbit Ionic is overheating and posing a fire risk – totals represent In the US less than 0.01 percent of devices sold. These events are very rare, and this recall will not affect other Fitbit smartwatches or activity trackers.”

At the moment, the company cannot say if there are also those affected in the Norwegian market, but in any case all Ionic users will be notified of the recall.

In the same message, Fitbit wrote that users should stop using the device and visit the site this site to get a refund. Alternatively, customer service is available at phone number 03 96 63 23. Fitbit requests that the units not be returned to stores, but are recycled in line with other e-waste.

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