The Kremlin says relations with Germany are destroyed forever

Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store meets the press after Hadia Tajik chose earlier on Wednesday to resign as Minister of Labor and Social Inclusion, as a result of the passenger housing issue.

– No one has the right to trust. Everyone can make mistakes. But the outgoing minister said the person holding the position of Senior Director of Work Life Policy, Social Policy and Welfare, is dependent on confidence in the brilliance of this job.

I have notified Store today that I am resigning from my position as Minister.

At the same time, she made it clear that she intends to continue as the deputy head of the party.

Prime Minister Store said he had a long conversation with Tajiks in his office about the situation on Wednesday morning.

– She told me based on what appeared that she wanted to resign. It is a decision that I respect and support.

He says Tajik made it clear that she had made several mistakes, apologized and had a desire to clean up.

– I want to say this: Store says I attach, believe, and trust the way Hadia tells her story, but I agree that it is right to resign as Minister.

He adds that it is difficult for Tajikistan to solve the tasks assumed by the Minister of Labor and Inclusion because of the mistakes she made.

– So this was the correct conclusion.

He further says that he is happy that Tajik has the motivation to continue working for the party in Parliament, and as a deputy leader.

Store believes that Tajik can continue as the deputy leader of the party. This is justified, among other things, by the fact that the Tajiks apologized and put the party in first place by resigning.

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– I think this is a good starting point for rebuilding confidence, says the Prime Minister.

After the Tajik news conference, several labor politicians said they believed she should also have resigned as the party’s deputy leader.

Store does not want to say anything concrete about the conversation he had with Tajik on Wednesday, but says she herself has expressed her desire to continue in the position of deputy commander.

Evaluation is that people can make mistakes, and then you have to evaluate the extent of those mistakes. And what has been presented on this, means that I believe she can continue what she was elected to at the national meeting last year.

Stour cannot answer when the new labor minister takes office.

The Prime Minister will not answer whether he himself will ask the Tajiks to resign, if she does not want this herself.

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