English newspaper: – Abramovich wants to sell Chelsea

English newspaper: - Abramovich wants to sell Chelsea

It was recently confirmed that the Russian owner had abdicated responsibility at the club, as a result of ongoing sanctions against Russians in Europe after Russia went to war with Ukraine.

According to the newspaper, the 55-year-old decided it was time to sell the London club he bought himself in 2003.

Avisa also quotes from the Swiss language a look 86-year-old Hansjörg Wyss may be the man who is at the center of the blue-clothing takeover.

Abramovich is one of Putin’s closest advisors and friends. Like every other oligarch, he’s also in a panic. Abramovich is trying to sell all of his villas in England, he told Wyss Blick.

He also wants to get rid of Chelsea quickly. On Tuesday, I and three others received an offer to buy Chelsea. I have to wait for four or five days now. Abramovich asks for a lot of money. Chelsea owes him two billion pounds.

Sky Sports Reports suggest that Abramovich has set the club’s price at £3 billion, while The Guardian claims he is claiming £4 billion. He further wrote that Russian consultants were to have contacted potential bidders on Wednesday, with a deadline for indicative bidding to be set in mid-March.

The TV channel said Abramovich had already rejected an offer of 2.5 billion pounds for the club from an unidentified third party earlier this week.

It is also alleged that Abramovich is having a bad time. According to Blake, the Russian oligarchy may have been placed on the British sanctions list. If he did, it would be very difficult to complete the sale.

In the interview, Wyss does not hide that he wants to buy Chelsea, but wants to be part of a larger consortium, consisting of seven to eight people.

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Moreover in the interview, the 86-year-old, who currently lives in the US, said that no exact sale price has been predicted for the club yet.

Another article in a look He claims the current Chelsea owner wants £2.4 billion to sell the club.

According to Forbes, Wyss, known for developing medical devices, is worth $5.1 billion. Thus, he is ranked 451st in the list of the world’s richest people.

The oligarch Abramovich is ahead of Wes. Forbes magazine reported that at the time of writing he is the 142nd richest person in the world. His net worth is $12.7 billion.

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