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Feminism on the streets |  arkitektnytt.no

On Saturday 5 March, Feminism to the Streets will take place at the Hall of Architecture and the Arts in Oslo. On the occasion of Women’s Day, professionals, artists, poets and activists will speak about “Why Violence against Women and Minorities is a Spatial Problem”.

The conversation about security towards architecture and urban development often takes place in the perspective of the white middle class, but we believe this conversation should accommodate more voices, says initiator Ninthu Paramalingam to Arkitektnytt.

Paramalingam is a social geographer who immerses herself in indigenous perspectives at the University of Tromsø, at the same time as the Rom Ung Publishing Program Project Director.

Violence prevention and urban development

Questions that five participants will discuss on Saturday include: How can we create safe urban spaces and spaces for all without being at the expense of others? What do promises of the region, right-wing extremism and gender-based violence really have in common? Can we prevent violence through urban development?

The goal of Feminism to the Streets is to form a basis for critical debate about how politicians, media, and institutions can help preserve discriminatory structures in urban Oslo.

What is the connection between feminism and architecture?

– This time it is about security and gender-based violence against women and minorities. It’s about spatial planning because a lot of sexual harassment happens in urban settings. At the same time, we’ve seen during the pandemic that even people at home can be unsafe for those in violent relationships. It is therefore important to discuss what rooms are safe and unsafe for different groups. This is why it is important, among other things, for the Oslo Crisis Center to participate in such a conversation.

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