June 6, 2023


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Corona, Moonbend |  The inspectors were slaughtered after that: - Totally unacceptable

Corona, Moonbend | The inspectors were slaughtered after that: – Totally unacceptable

On Tuesday morning, there was a ticket check on Oslo’s second subway line. The use of the inspectors makes the Nettavisen reader’s mouthpiece react.

– Here a number of inspectors were wearing bandages under their noses. This is totally unacceptable because they get close to all the passengers and then act like a very good distributor, the flap writes in an email to Nettavisen.

He also states that he has a valid ticket and that he is sure ticket checks are done on public transport.

Are you not sure how to use a face mask? watch this video:

– But with the state of infection that we see today, there is no need for that, as the man thinks.

The photo he took inside the wagon was taken just before the inspectors got off, but the mouthpiece was used in this way by several inspectors also during the inspection itself, a dump truck claims.

– Inspectors must wear a face mask in accordance with the instructions for wearing face masks issued by the health authorities. We will follow up on this with the operator, writes Sofie Bruun in an email to Nettavisen. She is the press officer at Rotaire.

How to use a cloth bandage correctly:

We apologize on behalf of the company if any of the passengers feel uncomfortable due to the improper use of the bandage.

– In these times, it is very important that we take care of each other by following the recommendations made by the authorities, she writes.

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