Audrey Cordon Ragot opens – she was afraid of death

Audrey Cordon Ragot opens - she was afraid of death

In a great interview with the French if telegramAudrey Cordon Ragot opens up about a deeply traumatic experience in September.

– When I woke up in the morning, I didn’t feel well. I was confused and about to faint. I felt like I was drunk.

Episode: Audrey Cordon Ragot experienced a very unpleasant episode on September 11th this year. Here in action during a race in 2020. Photo: AP
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The Frenchwoman cycles daily on the Trek – Segafredo, and this summer she was initially supposed to take part in the cycling water course in Australia. But nothing came of it.

The date is September 11th. Before the tournament, Ragot was in great shape, but early that morning she woke up with a strange feeling.

I vomited, had stomachaches and tingling in my extremities. I wasn’t sure what happened to me. But I knew it wasn’t normal. I’ve never felt anything like that. I asked Vincent (man, editor’s note) to call an ambulance, and I spent the day in the emergency room.

After an MRI scan, it turned out that the 33-year-old had a stroke. I was hospitalized for a few days.

This put an end to the cycling season. The French rider wasn’t sure what the future would hold after the experience – which really affected her.

– Of course I was afraid of death. But what interested me most at the time was finding out if I had a future in cycling.

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It may seem that she did. On Thursday, the 33-year-old will go “under the knife” and in the interview she said the goal is to get back on the bike for the famous one-day Paris-Roubaix race in April next year.

At the same time, life is greatly praised after the dramatic episode.

– I understand that they are precious and that everything can happen overnight. Sometimes you waste time, we shouldn’t. This time it made me grow and follow myself stronger, the 33-year-old notes.

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