Police are “sunk” in hints about drones. Now they are asking people to think again.

Police are "sunk" in hints about drones.  Now they are asking people to think again.

The police will not arrest anyone, but they lay out interesting tips for drones.

Assistant Chief of Staff Kjetil Øyri.
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The Assistant Chief of Staff of the Western Police District, Kjetil Øyri, has something he wants to convey.

This applies to UAV observations.

The police have arrested many of them recently. Possibly after the drone incident in Flesland on Wednesday, according to O’Weary.

— There are dozens of messages right after that, he tells BT.

Fresh and tangible

Owerri points out that unmanned aviation is something that many industries and industries benefit from.

– I don’t mind it. But we also get a lot of messages about drone activity that is perfectly legal and legitimate, says the chief of staff.

He adds:

The police don’t need those kinds of messages. For us, following up on such observations is very resource intensive. Because everyone should be followed up to some extent. We want to focus on what is new and tangible that belongs to what we should prioritize and want to protect.

– that?

– Mainly, we are talking about important infrastructure, buildings and facilities within, for example, petroleum, energy and aviation.

– Think about it for a bit

Therefore, the police are not interested in advice about flying legal drones or flying drones far from people and buildings, Owerri points out.

He asserts that he does not want to limit the public’s willingness to contribute information, but:

People need to think twice before reporting drone sightings. If you see something as fishy, ​​that’s okay. But at the same time, we encourage you to consider whether or not this is close to critical infrastructure.

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However, it does emphasize one important thing apart from:

– If you see drone pilots behaving suspiciously, possibly in relation to foreign vehicles, you should report them.


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