Sim, Akersmera | For me, Sem is home – and for others, Akersmyra is home

Sim, Akersmera |  For me, Sem is home – and for others, Akersmyra is home

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Like the moth of light, we are drawn by nature toward sensations, sensations, and crises. So the energy crisis, the energy shortages, the insufficient capacity of lines and networks are probably titles and topics that I think most of us have been drawn to. Don't get me wrong here, we as a nation face some challenges. How should this be solved?

So far it looks like we may be facing a win-lose situation. Darkness is against light for some, and the exact opposite for others. Electricity is estimated at 2 to 3 percent to Sandefjord and Tønsberg. My home and quality of life versus others benefiting from solar energy for communication. For the marshes themselves, there is the darkness of the future and the lack of a basis for life as we take nature for ourselves and leave the wildlife to their fate.

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The discussion boards in Tønsbergs Blad were sometimes bustling with life and excitement, just like nature in Akersmyra. “So not here, where everyone wants electricity.” Yes, we want that, but at the expense of what or at the expense of whom? Is it right that Sim and Akersmera should bear the burden and should provide electricity to the people? It is preferable to do this as quickly as possible, because after a short time it will be dark in the living rooms, and it is no longer possible to attract the butterfly towards the light.

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People are like guinea pigs

A sacrifice for society, consumption and the future. Past and future play a small role here when people themselves become like lab rats, children like adults, and women like men. Wild rabbits like deer, birds and moths. Perhaps it is better to leave the flame open, let the grinder burn and not think about the consequences. However, there is always a “but”. Will the butterfly actually fly towards the light, will we continue to take from nature? Is going green with less nature the best solution?

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Recent research shows that the butterfly does not want to be in the light, it tries to turn its back to it. But it ends up being an eternal dance around her instead. So, do we continue to collectively fly towards the light, or do we turn our backs and search for other solutions?

So, footnote or rabbit's foot before the criticism rains down. Yes I am, as in people first and nature and wildlife second. Humans are at the top of the food chain, which we in turn completely depend on for our existence. So, it all depends on us, our choices have consequences for nature, as long as we own them.

Save Akersmera!

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