Spinnvill Development: – Strange

Spinnvill Development: - Strange

Yesterday was by no means a Blue Monday for Tesla owner, Elon Musk. It initially became known that car rental giant Hertz would buy 100,000 Teslas, a single historic investment.

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This, in turn, drove Tesla’s share up, to end up at 13 percent. This means that Tesla is valued for the first time at more than $1,000 billion, or just over 8,000 billion crowns, he writes. Interested in trade.

In doing so, Tesla is only the sixth company in American history to be valued at more than $1,000 billion.

The other five companies wrote are Apple ($2.5 trillion), Microsoft ($2.3 trillion), Google parent company Alphabet ($1.8 trillion) and Amazon ($1.7 trillion). CNN.

Facebook alone reached $1,000 billion in less time than Tesla. Tesla has spent six years since it was listed on the stock exchange in 2010, while Facebook has had nine.

Ironically, the recent Facebook scandals caused its shares to plunge 17 percent from the top earlier this year, leaving the company no longer in the exclusive club of companies worth more than 1,000 billion.

300 billion

Thus, Tesla is on the exclusive list, which has a significant impact on the assets of Musk, who owns 20 percent of the shares.

according to Bloomberg Millionaire Index Musk’s fortune grew by a staggering $36.2 billion, just over NOK 300 billion on Monday.

This is also historical. Bloomberg has never recorded such a large increase in wealth in a single day. This means that Musk himself is now worth more than Toyota, which has a market capitalization of $282 billion.

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“Wild $T1mes!” Musk tweeted himself Monday night, in an apparent reference to Tesla’s rapid growth.

– a stranger

Hertz’s big sales should lead to rapid growth, even Musk is scratching his head.

“It is strange that it moved the assessment, given that Tesla is largely suffering from a production problem, not a demand problem,” Musk wrote, with a clear reference to the challenges of the past year with a shortage of computer chips and major problems with logistics in global trade. .

Last year, Tesla sold 500,000 cars, while so far it has sold 627,000 cars this year, which means it is close to being able to sell more than 1 million cars a year.

can become a billionaire

The news of Tesla’s wild growth comes on the same day that analysts at US bank Morgan Stanley said they believe Musk’s fortune could reach top trillion dollar record, That’s $1,000 billion, as a result of space company SpaceX gaining momentum.

From our conversations with investors, sentiment about SpaceX has increased dramatically with the company’s valuation in the private market, analyst Adam Jonas tells CNBC.

So far this year, Musk’s fortune has grown by $119 billion, and he is now more than $100 billion richer than the world’s second-richest Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos.

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