Mobile phone charging – Apple warns

Mobile phone charging – Apple warns

One might think that it is practical to charge the mobile phone when it is not in use, such as at night. Some people may have a habit of sleeping with their mobile phones in bed or in their hands.

Apple is now warning about this In the latest version of the iPhone User Guide.

The company advises against charging on soft surfaces such as carpets or pillows, or next to your body. If the device is covered, it may not get enough ventilation while charging.

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Do not do this

Your iPhone often heats up while charging and thus needs adequate ventilation. If it gets too hot, it could cause burns or even a fire, according to The Verge. daily Mail.

“Do not sleep on a device, power adapter, or wireless charger, and do not place it under a blanket, pillow, or your body when it is connected to a power source,” Apple wrote in a statement. user’s Guide.

Instead, one should store the iPhone, power adapter, or wireless charger in a well-ventilated area when it is in use or charging.

The trick you should know

The trick you should know

Poisonous gases

DinSide has written on several occasions that charging cell phones at night can be a fire trap.

In April, the Oslo Fire and Rescue Service warned against unplugging the charger when not in use. One family found a charger well hidden among the sofa cushions. The charger must be connected to the socket. In addition, there should be no signs of high temperature and burn marks on the cable.

orange point: Now a Tiktok user is coming out and warning iPhone users. The reason for that is this orange light. Photo: Kirsty Ostvang, Video: @mrjamienyland / Tiktok

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In March, DinSide wrote about a Frende forsikring who came out to warn against charging the phone at night. The warning came after a mobile phone exploded while charging.

– It’s tempting to have it there, but it steals your time and quality sleep. Mobile phone light makes it more difficult to fall asleep, and many people lie and grind things they see or read right before bed. When we also see that many mobile phones have caught fire, there is not much reason to go on, said Product Manager Øystein Øren in a press release.

He also pointed out that fire is not the only thing that is dangerous, as the toxic gases that escape from a mobile phone if it catches fire can be just as dangerous.

At the time, Friendi conducted a survey that showed more than 80% in the 18-29 age group say they charge their cell phones in the bedroom while they sleep.

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