It’s illegal to fly a drone here – NRK Norway – An overview of news from different parts of the country

It’s illegal to fly a drone here – NRK Norway – An overview of news from different parts of the country

For those planning a vacation in the country, exploring new areas with a drone may seem appealing.

With beautiful natural landscapes and unique wildlife, drone photography is a fascinating activity.

But there are a number of things you should think about, says the National Safety Commission (NSM). There are many rules to comply with.

Many people don’t know the rules

– Our request is that you familiarize yourself with the regulations before embarking on a trip. Because it can actually lead to criminal liability, says Rohr Dhon, course director of NSM.

He says there are many people who do not know the rules.

Ror Thon says the rules are there to protect people’s privacy.

Photo: Snorre Tønset / NRK

Map of nature conservation areas in Norway

Map of nature conservation areas in Norway that may have restrictions against drone flight. Svalbard is not pictured.

Photo: Screenshot from Norwegian Environment Agency

This is an overview of where flying is allowed and where it is not UAS, Norwegian Environment Agency And Spirits.

Favorable to strict regulations

The main rule is that drones are prohibited in most national parks and large protected landscape areas.

This is to avoid wildlife, outdoor life and disturbance, according to Norway’s Environment Agency.

Photographer Terje Kolas uses a drone for nature photography. In 2021, he won the highest honors in both “Drone Photography Awards» and «Landscape Photographer of the Year».

He points out that photographing animals in nature requires careful assessment and respect for the animal’s needs.

– Tolerance of birds and animals varies with species, location, individual and time of year. Many species or individuals do not care about the drone, while others allow themselves to be threatened or provoked from a long distance, says Kolas NRK.

Picture "Winter migration" It has won many awards

A successful image of short ducks migrating south from the vicinity of Golas in Levanger. Golas says the birds have been able to get close without any problems thanks to people’s tolerance.

Photo: Terje Kolas

– Can be a bit annoying at times

Golas thinks drones should be banned in particularly vulnerable areas, such as conservation areas, bird sanctuaries, nature reserves and national parks.

– I am in favor of stricter regulations for drone flying, and the Norwegian regulations are fair, says Kolas.

He believes missing out on a dream photo due to the flight ban is worth it.

– It might be a little sour here and there, but it’s a small price to pay for birds and animals to have some sanctuaries in this growing country. The well-being of the birds always comes first, says Golas.

Portrait of Terje Golas

Terje Kolas from Levanger in Trøndelag has been a nature photographer since the age of 13.

Photo: Terje Kolas

Illegal in most national parks

Earlier, among others, Lofoten National Park reported three illegal cases related to drone photography.

Lofoten: View from Mount Ryton towards Kuvalviga

Lofoten National Park is one of the places where drones cannot be flown. View from Mount Ryton in the northern part of Lofoten National Park.

Photo: Jan Olav Larsen

You will be greeted by this sign at the entrance to Lofotodden National Park in Bunes.

At the entrance to the Lofotodden National Park in Bunes you will be greeted by this sign that drones are prohibited.

Photo: Benjamin Fredrickson / NRK


The map shows that drone flying is prohibited in Lofoten National Park in Lofoten.

Photo: Screenshot from Norwegian Environment Agency

Common hiking areas like Hardangervidda, Dovrefjell-Sundalsfjella and Jotunheimen are national parks with protected areas for drone flights.

– Additionally, it is important to always take other people’s privacy into account when you fly, the Norwegian Data Protection Authority points out. their websites.

Besseggen in Jotunheimen National Park

View from Besseggen in Jotunheimen National Park.

Photo: Kaylan / SCANPIX

may be punished

There is a total ban on flying drones in the center of Oslo. This applies to the Palace, the Storting and others around the Government Quarter.

Flying a drone illegally can result in a fine of up to NOK 12,000 and confiscation of the drone, according to the police.

You should register, says Anders Martinsson, president of UAS, the Norwegian drone association Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority If you are going to fly a drone. Additionally, you must specify where you are going to fly on Avinor’s website.

Anders Martinsson, president of UAS Norway (interest organization of drone pilots)

Anders Martinsson, head of UAS Norway. It is a welfare organization for drone pilots.

Photo: Kjetil Samuelsen / NRK

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