Russian salmon was found in “Kuksluk”.

Russian salmon was found in “Kuksluk”.

– I was swallowed by a friend yesterday, almost completely by accident, the 39-year-old tells Talkblade.

What a stroke of luck to get a rooster hook – because it ensured the full benefit of a fishing trip in the Burfjord at Kwannanken. Iorga caught four humpback salmon, also known as “Russian salmon,” in no time.

– The joke is that the Ukrainian gets a Russian salmon in a chicken stew, he says, laughing.

One salmon has already been eaten — the other three are in the freezer ready to be smoked, he says.

Ukraine: The cap reveals that Oleg Iorka is from Ukraine. He has been living in Norway for 12 years. Photo: Private
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– I caught a cod and some small pollock, he says about the effectiveness of the “cock trap” as a fishing tool.

Nordlys newspaper First noted Iorga’s fishing luck.

Iorka tells Duckbladet that she has lived in Norway for 12 years. He is now working as a GP in Guanangan.

After learning that Iorka had caught four humpback salmon in the “Cook Hatch,” it became clear that the friends would have to order the same.

– All my friends ordered “kuksluken” online. I have also ordered many, he said and laughed.

While lures can be effective, Iorga believes being in the right place at the right time is key when fishing for humpback salmon.

— He says that it has to do with the sun, the weather, and the wind, not so much with the gravel.

When Dagbladet talks to the Ukrainian in northern Norway on Wednesday evening, he says the weather is bad with rain. But things soon change in the Kingdom of the Midnight Sun.

– It will be sunny again. Then you have to pull it “gently” at night, he laughs.

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