How to clean the filter in a kitchen fan

How to clean the filter in a kitchen fan

HAre you a dirty kitchen fan? Then you can have a tick firebomb in the kitchen.

– It refers to correctness. We don't have statistics on this, but a kitchen fan full of grease increases the chances of a fire spreading from the oven and further spreading through ventilation. Sigurd Folgerø Dalen, communications manager at the fire and rescue service in Oslo municipality, confirmed to Dagbladet. .

According to a press release issued by the insurance company If In December 2023, the fire service had a total of 1,750 calls in the last 12 months due to stove-related fires.

The Consumer Council also warns against poorly cleaned kitchen fans.

“Grease that drips down from the filter can catch fire at high temperatures in the hob,” they explain in the video – in which case you can still see it below – which demonstrates, in a prototype way, how it can be easily cleaned. as a place.

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Use degreasing soap

You can put the filter in the dishwasher at high temperature.

Or fill it with hot water, add some washing-up liquid, put it in a sink, let it sit until the grease dissolves, then take it out and let it air dry, suggests the Consumer Council.

Then you set about the rest of the fan setup:

So remember to pull the plug on the fan first to avoid shocks to avoid loss of mood, health, or worst case scenario, life.

Use a damp cloth with a degreasing agent, such as Jalo, and wash the fan.

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How do you remove it?

How do you remove it?

Once a month!

It will come as a real surprise to the undersigned, but the Consumer Council recommends washing the grease filter once a month.

Besides reducing the risk of fire, the main benefits of a sparkling clean kitchen fan are:

A cleaned kitchen fan works best.

By washing the kitchen fan or changing its carbon filter, you can reduce food odors in your home.

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