December 6, 2022


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Live host loss

Live host loss

Monday night NRK Oslo and Wigen got a cool surprise for the audience.

If you want to trust the weather forecast from the broadcast, if you travel to Moss on Tuesday, you should wear reasonable clothing.

The weather forecast, which aired in the NRK Oslo and Viken district on Monday at 19.45, said the screen will be 65 degrees below zero in Mozilla, behind state meteorologist Siri Weiberk.

Writing NRK Oslo and Viken is definitely wrong Their websitesIt also says that you can check the exact temperature for நகரstfold city Year number.

– Excitement

– This is a technical error and I’m taking it for granted, says Eli Holverson, NRK Oslo Viken to Dagbladet Publishing Manager.

Espen Pseud, a meteorologist at the Meteorological Agency, told Doc Plate that it would have been particularly exciting if the weather forecast had actually been accurate.

– There would have been a bit of a stir if it had been minus 65 degrees in the moss on Tuesday, but it could have been due to a technical error. I do not believe this is true for Mossing, but it may be due to a technical error, which happens from time to time, Pichet says.

Will go wrong

However, this is not the first time that technical errors in weather forecasts have occurred.

Pichet explains that weather reports about the NRK under the Norwegian Meteorological Institute may have indicated incorrect temperatures in the graphics.

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But there may be other funny mistakes live.

The former host of TV2, Eli Gary Gijengdel, became almost invisible in her last broadcast in 2012, when you could only see Jengdel’s head.

But, this is a planned stunt.