MDG and ROD requirements for the store

MDG and ROD requirements for the store

Dagbladet’s latest poll Like the others, it indicates that a regime change will take place after Election Day on September 13th.

However, it is not clear what kind of government cooperation we can expect.

The dream government of the Jonas Car Store, comprising the Labor Party, the Socialist People’s Party and the Central Party, is approaching a narrow majority in Doug Platt’s referendum. However, many other metrics indicate that they may be dependent on the support of red or MDG parties – the store does not want to cooperate with them.

MDG leader Une Bastholm makes it clear that the party needs an empty oil winner to get a majority in a state budget.

These are the requirements

Norway has set MDG 2035 as its carbon neutral term. This should have immediate practical consequences, Pastolm says

– We will discontinue research for new oil and gas, and stop distributing new areas and fields as absolute requirements. “We will not go around this in negotiations with a new government,” he said.

According to Pastolmin, this is an unavoidable requirement, and MDGs should offer their support for next year’s red-green state budget. In addition, the party enters into red-green government negotiations with several strong demands:

  • The new natural law should ensure strong protection, including the coastal zone and land around large cities.
  • A green tax reform will make it easier for people to choose green in everyday life.
  • Move large sums of money from the construction of new highways to the construction of railways. Reduce public transportation prices by 20 percent.

Red leader Bizarre Moxnes has made it clear that the party will not be in government. He still wants a cooperation agreement with a potential red-green government. Here, Rod makes the following demands:

  • Differences must be reduced: corporate profits and taxes on the rich must be increased.
  • A new dental health reform that will provide tax-funded dental health for all.
  • Emissions must be reduced in a fair and powerful manner.
  • Welfare should be non-profit.
  • The Norwegian working life will be protected by termination of the EEA Agreement in favor of the Trade Agreement.

– Which of these points is most important to you?

– It is inappropriate for Rod to support a government that does not reduce differences and emissions. They have to deliver it. An agreement must set very specific goals and actions to achieve these goals. We do not need airy formulas and vague ambitions. It needs to be addressed now, and I think we can get a new government in it, Moxnus says.

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– The EEA agreement is incredibly important

Unlike Rod, MDGs want to enter government. Pastolm has opened the door to a cooperation agreement – all of which depends on the outcome of the election.

– Why should Jonas choose MDG as a coalition party?

– We have a lot in common with the Labor Party in European politics. We will not solicit Norway from EEA or NATO. In the interest of the Labor Party, there are no expensive and big welfare advertisements on our agenda. We support a dental health reform and we support some of the personal actions that SV & Rod brings, but we also want big money for climate investments and support programs, Pastolm says.

– Working with us is not very expensive, but you should be prepared to portray yourself historically.

MDG wants strong energy cooperation with Europe and wants to use Norway’s role in the EEA.

– The EEA agreement is incredibly important for Norwegian workplaces, says Pastolm.

The MDG leader also highlights city council cooperation between the Labor Party and the MDG.

The Labor Party has good experience in cooperating with us. In eight of the two major cities, Labor collaborates with Rod more often than we do. We don’t make it difficult in any area other than the weather. Where we are fighting on behalf of today’s youth.

Towards the central party

Although the Pastolm Center was harsh on the party, Rod or MDG did not co-operate with the red-green parties.

– This is a slightly different situation, because in many municipalities we have good cooperation with the central party. But the SP leadership has been pursuing more anti-climate rhetoric and policy in recent years, Pastolm says.

– Now I hear that SP has decided to talk more about climate in the election campaign. But it does not matter, when they are not ready to pursue a policy of reducing emissions.

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– What are you asking?

– SP has no activities based on research. We agree with the SP to use more Norwegian wood to bind carbon in the forest. For a very, very long time, it can also have a climatic effect. So that’s right, but it’s not something that will lead to 2030. Conversely, planting too much forest can destroy other landscapes, which is also important for carbon sequestration. It seems to me that SP is completely disconnected from research – both in terms of climate, nature conservation and conservation of biodiversity.

Internally in MDGs, the tone is different. Dagbladet’s sources feel it can not be traced back to the central party. They point out that the SP are contemptible political negotiators and are ready to go the long haul in many fields until the MTGs achieve great success on the climate. Areas specified for compromise include poachers and district policy.

Confidence in MDGs is now high, and sources say they are not afraid to burn themselves out for seeking power and negotiating. Within the party, there is a perception that after the election results become clear, MDGs may change Labor’s reject attitudes, and many in the Labor Party prefer MDGs to Red.

– No way around

Moxnes worries about one thing about possible collaboration: the tax settlement with capitalism that entered in 2016 and the store’s “tax guarantee”.

This year, Labor is going to the polls to raise the total tax by 7.2 billion NOK. Other level taxes and income tax, in addition to the corporation tax, will go untouched.

If the store suspects tax breaks given at the time, at the same time he must break his election promises. Labor will reduce the prices of SFOs and kindergartens, and strengthen hospitals and municipalities. We agree with all of this. But if they are not willing to raise the tax level for the rich further, they do not have the money for it. This is where the war ends, says Moxnus.

– Red-greens must be prepared to stop the tax settlement with capitalism. There is no way around it.

– Why should the red-green government choose the Red Alliance?

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– We have a policy to reduce disparities and emissions in a reasonable manner, to ensure non-profit welfare and to ensure the rights of workers. I think there is a feeling for many voters in the AP, Moxnus responds.

Moxness also refers to cooperation in Oslo, where the city council relies on Rødt to obtain a majority.

– I think we have shown that we are a firm partner. We stand firm on the collar, but not unfair. We want a breakthrough and a new curriculum for Norway. We may be very impatient, but I think many voters will appreciate that motivation.

Inside the rod, there is also a strong belief that the store and the cast will want to work with them. They believe it should be easier to cooperate with Rod when it comes to replacing the right-wing party they criticized for centralization or the MDGs they knocked on the door.

As Duckbladet knew, the situation around the center party was hotly debated in Rod because the role was to go out in Uptonboston and open to find out about personal cases along with the Conservatives. The strategy going forward is to show the political consequences of leaving Rod, and to force the Labor Party and the Socialist People’s Party to respond to whether they want Rod to see real change in Norwegian politics.

desire: Dagbladet held a new election on August 26, 2021. Video: Dagbladet TV / Vegard Krüger / Reporter: Steinar Suvatne / Marie Simonsen
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Attack from the store

In an interview with V.G. On Thursday, Jonas attacked the car store rod and MDG’s climate policy. He believes this will damage Norway’s business opportunities to be at the forefront of the renewable energy sector.

When MDG wants to stop studying energy subjects at universities, Rod says no to sea breeze; It puts thousands of jobs at risk. You won’t get a climate cut without industrial incentives, the store says.

Moxnes believes the statements confirm the need for a partner on the left.

– I do not expect the store or the role to give us any loss before the election. They reject. But when the voters express their opinion, the result is available and we chose the record, they need us. I’m sure they will take its consequences, and then there should be conversations, says the red leader.

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