Victims’ identity card not yet protected – VG

Victims' identity card not yet protected - VG
Killing alarm: A full murder alert was sounded after two women were found wounded in a separate house in Christianchand. Shortly afterwards both were pronounced dead.

Police are in the process of verifying the identities of the two women who were killed in Christiansand on Monday.


Two women were found Monday Life-threatening damage to a personal address Kristiansand has not yet been identified in Søm.

They were taken to Sørlandet Hospital, but were pronounced dead shortly after arrival.

To get a secure ID, you must meet one of the following key criteria; Dental information, fingerprints or DNA.

In addition, one of the following additional criteria must be met; Medical findings, forensic findings or tactical information.

– Kripos is working on this, and police will not be able to determine who the dead are until it becomes clear, police prosecutor Bernd Olav Prize said in a statement.

Brij told Vijay on Tuesday that they have an idea of ​​who the women are.

Could not inquire

At the same time as the life-saving work at the address was underway, the now-double-murder suspect was already on his way to the police station in Christiansand.

He was taken there by a witness.

Great Forces: As soon as the dramatic news came all the emergency services moved with large forces.

There he was arrested without drama. After being examined by a doctor, he became human Was admitted to the hospital Due to his mental state.

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The man charged with murder has not yet been charged and will not be questioned on Wednesday.

– Unchanged state of health

Niles A., the bodyguard of the person who met his client both Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning. VG has been in contact with Kronas.

– In my opinion, health remains unchanged. I have reported this to the police, he said.

A prison meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, but it is currently unclear whether the murder suspect will be produced in court.

Grønås says he reported his client’s situation to the police and that it was up to them to decide how to resolve it.

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