Power, Economy | Electricity prices: Norway will have to live with the epidemic from European prices

Power, Economy |  Electricity prices: Norway will have to live with the epidemic from European prices

– Norway’s electricity prices have followed European electricity prices very closely for years and will continue to do so unless drastic measures are taken, Inge Grahn, head of the electricity price committee, tells NTB.

On Tuesday, he submitted a 261-page report to Oil and Energy Minister Terje Ösland (AP).

All measures come with a price, and Gran insists that politicians must weigh them against each other.

– I usually say, if you pay enough, you can get cheap electricity. So, Gran says, achieving lower electricity prices is clearly possible — if politicians have no other objective than that.

The EEA may be the place of action

The panel concludes that a separate price zone around foreign cables would not help prevent price contagion from Europe. Another measure, export regulation, according to the committee, is not very effective unless you reduce almost all electricity transmission.

However, the panel leader believes there may be room for maneuver in the EEA agreement to further restrict exports.

– There is always more room for maneuver than one might first think. “You can’t make a decision without deciding whether to file a case against it in court,” he says.

An important message from the group is that surplus electricity will contribute to lower electricity prices in Norway.

Frp: Regulate export

FRP’s Energy Policy Spokesperson Marius Arian Nilsson believes the time has come to raise our voice towards Europe.

– The main conclusion is that Norway needs more electricity surplus to keep prices down. The way we get more power surplus is, of course, more power. But sensible export control, Nilsson tells the NDP.

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He points out that countries like Germany feed a lot of unregulated power from wind and solar power into the same system as ours.

– We really have to dare to raise our voices and say “You can take responsibility for your own supply security and your own power”. Of course we must contribute, but our power is valuable power, and it is regulated power. He says that their power is residual power, and they must be released when the wind blows and the sun shines, so it is not that valuable power.

Ausland: – More power, more net

Oil and Energy Minister Terje Ösland has not yet announced any tougher measures against the EU. Instead, he points to measures such as electricity subsidies and fixed price contracts aimed at electricity customers in Norway.

– Ensure that there is consistency so that one size does not cancel out the other. Ausland tells NTB that the group has no doubt in its recommendation that the right solution in the long term is to build more power, more networks.

He is now sending the Electricity Price Committee report for consultation, but also promises to follow it up immediately.

– If there are measures that can be introduced soon in the committee’s report, we will do it, he says.

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