Teenage boy injured in crash at store – VG

Teenage boy injured in crash at store - VG
Accident: Police were notified of the crash around 8pm on Sunday night. A boy is described as critically injured after the incident.

A boy was rushed to hospital by air ambulance after he crashed into a school in Chowk, Stord, on Sunday night. Police are seeking advice on the crash.

Fell in place and caused an accident Nysæter ungdomsskole on Sunday night store. The boy was attending a high school in the area. And many more boys were there.

The boy is still being treated at the hospital.

– The boy’s injuries were described as dangerous yesterday. “We have not received any updates or changes to that,” said Roald Runhome, chief investigator at Stord Police Station.

The incident was reported to the police just before 20.30pm on Sunday. The teenage boy was first taken to Stord Hospital, before which he was taken to Hawkland University Hospital.

– The accident took place in connection with several young people entering the construction site. The injured were said to have fallen through the styrofoam sheets on the floor of the new building, and Runholm says he fell four to five meters to the ground.

There are five boys

Police are involved in mapping the course of events. During the day, police will question witnesses.

– We hope we know more when we talk to witnesses, says Runhome.

Five boys of the same age were with him, including the boy who fell down.

– A group of friends who know each other. As far as we know, there were five in total, says Runhome.

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Nut Gram, the municipal manager in Stord municipality, said the crisis has been collected by management teams and they continue to prosecute further throughout the day.

– We follow the boys who were there yesterday, and that’s mainly our plan today, says Gram.

A boy has been described as seriously injured after falling four to five meters through a hole in a construction site at Nysæter Youth School on Sunday night.

Ask for tips

Police conducted an investigation at the scene and cordoned off the area. Several witnesses have already been questioned. Work continues at the scene with investigations and inquiries.

The place where the boy fell was a construction site, and police are in contact with the developer. As far as Runholm is aware, the Norwegian Labor Inspection Commission has not been notified.

The police have sought advice in this case.

– The police do not yet have a clear picture of the course of events, but we hope that the witnesses’ investigation will give us more details. This incident seems like an accident. Runhome says the public is asked to contact police at 02800 if they have information on the case.

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