New study in Antarctica: – Ice is melting from below

New study in Antarctica: – Ice is melting from below

A new report from researchers at the Norwegian Polar Institute and the University of Bergen is yet another sign that climate change has reached Antarctica.

That’s what Dor Hattermann, an oceanographer and one of the authors behind the report, told Talkblade.

Since 2009, he has studied the melting under the sea-floating fimbulisen ice shelf in Dronning Maud Land. Because the upper side is so cold, Hatterman says most of the ice loss occurs on the lower side.

However, in 2016, researchers noticed a significant change.

– Since then, warm water has increasingly penetrated under the ice shelf, causing it to melt from the bottom, he says.

– This has never happened before, he adds, showing a shift in East Antarctica.

Researcher: Torey Hatterman has done research on the Fimbulisen Ice Shelf in Troning Maud Land, Antarctica. Photo: Norwegian Polar Company
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Possible causes

A report containing the new findings was released on Thursday International Journal Nature Geoscience. NRK This has been mentioned.

“Since 2016, we have observed continued warming as warm deep water temperatures rise above 0 degrees Celsius,” says the study.

Hatterman tells Talkblade that he also looked at what the reasons for the change might have been in the report.

– In 2016, we also saw sea ice extent begin to decrease. Additionally, we’ve seen winds get stronger and pulled toward the continent, which means warmer water gets more access, Hatterman explains.

Alarm sounds in Antarctica

Alarm sounds in Antarctica


From June to August this year, the amount of sea ice in Antarctica was lower than previously recorded, according to figures released by the European Union’s climate monitoring service in September.

That’s the situation here and in the world’s oceans Shocked scientistsIt asks whether climate change is accelerating.

At the same time, some very high temperatures were recorded on the normally frozen continent. A new temperature record of 18.6 degrees was set in 2020 at the tip of the Antarctic Peninsula.

In March last year, the ice in East Antarctica recorded a temperature of 38.5 degrees above normal. NTB writes that this is the largest temperature deviation from normal ever recorded in the world.

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