Egersund: – Shot in a taxi

Egersund: – Shot in a taxi

Past: The accused was arrested, restrained at the scene, police report.

A man in his 40s has been arrested.

– Police work at the scene will take place in the future, both in the form of searches, investigations and crime reports, police reports.

There was a police operation in the center of Egersund on Saturday evening, when shots were fired at a taxi.

When Sør-Vest police arrived at an address near the center of Egersund on Saturday evening, a taxi with a customer was shot at. The shooter came out of an address, then went back.

The police had earlier asked when the situation was ongoing. Nearby people Stayed inside Øvre Prestegårdsvei in Egersund and locked the door.

Around 10pm, the Sør-Vest police district reported in X that a taxi had been shot in the center of Egersund.

– They wrote that more police resources were arriving at the address closer to the city centre.

One lane of the taxi was broken after the incident.

– Kicked out the kids

Talkblade has spoken to someone who lives close to the man who has now been arrested. He says the accused was taken away in a police car.

– The police were here for a while, but eventually they came out with him, says a neighbor who lives on the same street.

– Of course we found it embarrassing. The neighbor says that I was talking to the taxi driver and then the criminal came out again, then I went inside and locked the door and took the children out the window.

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Police urged residents to stay indoors and lock their doors. They were “locked up” for 45 minutes, the man tells Dogbladet.

No personal injury

The occupant of the car in question should have gone to safety and the taxi driver should have driven away.

No injuries were reported to the parties involved.

– The customer in the car should be on foot and probably safe. Police said there were no reports of injuries so far.

Police initially said that while the accused was at the address, they cordoned off the house. The police negotiator was then on the phone with the man, the police in Sør-Vest reported at quarter to eleven on Saturday evening.

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