June 6, 2023


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Many closed roads - VG

Many closed roads – VG

Accidents and roads due to slippery roads and flooding were forced to close in many parts of the country on Saturday.


Many district roads in Trendlock have been closed. Fylkesvei 6900 Skjækerfossen closed in Slapgardsholmen due to flooding. Geir Asle Hallager (67) lives 400 meters from Skjækerfossen in Vertal.

– It’s very rare for me to wake up from rain and bad weather, but I’ve got up at four or five this morning because it’s very bad weather, Holger says.

He was actually going to Veracruz for his birthday, but they had no idea what it would be like because there was so much water on the road.

– We may have to stay home, says Helkadelingen, who lives with his wife.

FLOM. Geir Asle Hallager (67) and his wife were actually going to Veracruz for a birthday party, but they had to stay home because of the flood.

He’s not trapped, but because there’s a lot of water on the roads, it will not be long before it happens, Holger thinks.

– I was on the riverbank this morning, and then I was there two hours later, and then grew to six five to ten centimeters.. It is still growing.

In 2006, according to Hologer, there was almost as much water as there is now. He lived in the area for the rest of his life.

Flood. There is a lot of water stagnant on the roads of Wuku in Vertal.

County Road 757 on Holman Bridge in Verdale was closed due to flooding. Hans Iver lives in Oldran Wuku.

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– We fear floods like the one in 2006. The river continues to rise, says Oldron.

The Norwegian Meteorological Agency has issued an orange warning for heavy rain in Trøndelag, which on Saturday measured 70 to 140 millimeters in a single day.

  • Fylkesvei 715 Osen closed in Haugen due to flooding. The river crosses its banks and affects the road, Vegtrafiksentralen writes on Twitter.
  • The Fylkesvei 6330 provided by Ommunddalsvatnet was closed due to flooding.
  • Østnes Bridge on District Road 6905 closed due to flooding. Diversion via Vertal and County Road 72.
  • Fylkesvei 720 Indre Fosen – The road between Steinkjer Verabot and Follophos was closed due to heavy water and snow. Diversion route via Stingger and Indroy due to closed road at County Road 6330.
  • Fylkesvei 714 Orkland: Åstfjordbrua closed due to strong winds. The bridge opens when the wind recedes.
  • Fylkesvei 7062 in Namsos closed in Elvheim due to flooding.
  • Fylkesvei 72 Verdal closed in Sokna due to flooding. The detour will be via E14 Storlien.
  • Fylkesvei 7008 Snåsa Road closed due to heavy flooding. Local diversion on District Road 763.
  • Fylkesvei 6328 Åfjord, closed due to landslides on the road between Mon and Orbogen. The contractor is on site. It is not possible to pass.

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It is getting cold now

E6 opened after a traffic accident

The Krillstadt subway was closed in the Stjørdal direction on the E6 in Trontheim due to a traffic accident outside the subway. Diversions are marked on the County Road 950 Schocard, Vegtrafiksentralen writes on Twitter.

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On Saturday 1141, Vegtrafiksentralen writes that the tunnel was opened to traffic.

Police in Trentlock wrote on Twitter that the car was on the roof. No serious injuries were reported. The driver is running and he is taking care of health.

Slippery roads

A car rammed into an E16 on Norstangen in Kongsvinger. Police in Inland wrote on Twitter that the driver was taken to hospital by ambulance for testing. The car could not be driven and was removed by car backup.

Police patrol said the area was slippery and Vectropix Central had been notified.

In 0925 Lindland reported a traffic accident in Marnarveien to the police in Agder. It is very slippery in the long run.

A car veered off the road and the airbag was triggered. The accident does not appear to have led to personal injury. The driver is taken to the emergency room for a short check.

Bilberger is on site to take care of the car. Reports slippery roads to the Road Traffic Control Center and sends the wrong car. The police are prosecuting.

In Oslo, there are very slippery roads due to freezing rain, police said. So they write on Twitter that motorists have to adjust their speed to suit the conditions.