Bus Chaos: Lon Marie Berg, Raymond Johansson and Rutter Called on the Carpet

Bus Chaos: Lon Marie Berg, Raymond Johansson and Rutter Called on the Carpet

FrP wants political answers about electric buses. The Norwegian Transport Agency in Oslo wants a response from Rutter.

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Transport councilor Marit Kristin Way (V) in Oslo has called public transport company Ruter into the carpet as a result of the bus chaos.

– I think I have to say that public transport services are not enough in January, he tells NRK.

He points out that people struggled with canceled departures and waited for buses that never came. He believes the router does not provide enough information to the public.

– It's too bad. I expect more from Oslo's public transport, says Vee.

Frp, with Ingeborg Bjørnevik (Frp) at the head Lan Marie Berg and Raymond Johansson on the carpet.

The reason is the bus chaos that has characterized Oslo so far this winter.

In 2015, a report warned Router against too rapid technological change in public transport.

Nevertheless, the then city council chose to act against professional recommendation, according to Frp.

– We think it's only natural to call Raymond and Lan Marie. They should state what assessments were made. Bjornevik tells VG that now they will be obliged to answer.

Gradual change

Bjørnevik and Frp want to know more about why the city council did not follow the professional advice given to them in 2015.

VG has contacted MDG, which did not wish to comment on the matter. Johansen tells VG that he doesn't remember the statement like it was eight years ago.

Despite the warning, it was decided to double the number of electric buses in Oslo. According to a 2015 report, “the biggest changes can create the biggest disruptions too quickly.” Technical Weekly.

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TU writes that they have contacted the router and asked them to respond to how they responded to the advice of the consultants they hired. But Rutter did not respond, and TU writes that Rutter also declined to be interviewed for the case.

– Now we are looking at the effects of all electric buses. Lon Marie and Raymond took charge. We now see that this has resulted in huge costs. We believe it is completely unacceptable not to have a year-round working bus fleet, says Bjornevik.

She continues:

– There should have been a more gradual transition to electrification. There has been a very rapid change.

Check the report

Bjørnevik says they would like to see the report from 2015.

– When the report was on the table, why didn't they deal with it? What is actually the background to the decision? This is obviously something we would like to see answered. The city council has a responsibility to clean up what's going on. We have a mix which means the bus fleet has to work all year round. The City Council is expected to look into this.

Bjørnevik expects the explanation to be climatic, but she doesn't think that's enough.

– Winter is here to stay. They reply that it's for climate purposes, but we need to have public transportation that works.

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