E39 closed in Sunnfjord due to tractor rollover – NRK Westland

E39 closed in Sunnfjord due to tractor rollover – NRK Westland

Just after 11pm the E39 was closed in Sunfjord between Forte and Jølster after a tractor drove at full speed in the direction of the busy road.

The road was closed around 2pm as the plow was recovered.

– The tractor rolled down a steep slope 100-150 meters before coming to rest in a ravine, and he is still lying there, police chief Roar Bo says.

Photo: Police

For a long time the seven-tonne tractor E39 was in danger of sliding down. As a result, the police had to close the road.

– If it had fallen onto the road and hit someone it would have gone very wrong, says Frode Kolltveit, head of operations for the Western Police District.

A modern plow tractor was driverless when it rolled down the slope.

No injuries were reported.

Tractor overturning 2
Photo: Steiner Lode / NRK

The tractor is tied to the tree to keep it from rolling down the E39.

Photo: Steiner Lode / NRK

A seven-tonne plow tractor left deep tracks on a steep slope.

Photo: Steiner Lode / NRK

The tractor started rolling down this slope at Kuslia in the Sunfjord.

Photo: Steiner Lode / NRK

Before 1pm, the tractor was tied to the tree and the road was opened for manual steering.

But retrieving the tractor could lead to road closures again.

– It’s steep here and small for safety, so it looks like it’s going to be a demanding rescue mission, says the team leader.

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