Six in ten would reintroduce conscription

Six in ten would reintroduce conscription

In a survey conducted by InFact on behalf of ABC Nyheter, 57.2 responded that Norway should reintroduce compulsory conscription for all.

The following questions were asked: “Should Norway reintroduce compulsory conscription for all?”

The responses were distributed as follows:
Yes: 57.3 percent
Yes, but only for men: 12.7 percent
Number: 16.3 percent
Don't know: 13.7 percent

Among men, 62.1 percent say Norway should reintroduce compulsory conscription for everyone, while the proportion of women is 52.1 percent. 16.3 percent answered no to the question.

12.8 percent think Norway should reintroduce conscription for men only. Here, 14.6 percent of women answered yes compared to 11 percent of men in the survey.

– Circumstances have an effect on people

Geir Hågen Karlsen, a former lieutenant colonel in the Norwegian Armed Forces and current associate partner at communications firm Kielmuiden Keys, says of the investigation's findings:

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– I'm not surprised at all. There is broad political and geographic agreement in the survey. This suggests that the current situation in Europe is having an effect on people, Carlson tells ABC Nyheter.

In Norway there is a common compulsion for both sexes. This meant that all able-bodied men were obliged to do military service if called upon. Compulsory applies from the year you turn 19 up to and including the year you turn 44 (55 for those who have served in the armed forces for at least one year). Conscription as asked in this survey refers to initial military service and repeated training.

The Norwegian Defense Forces recognize the numbers

Vegard Norstad Finberg, press officer for the Norwegian Defense Forces, says the Norwegian Defense Forces conduct similar investigations.

– We find the figures consistent with those we see in the Department of Defense's studies. “We see the same trends as ABC Nighter when it comes to gender and age, with less impact when it comes to geography,” Feinberg tells ABC Nighter.

Last week, the government announced a massive investment in the armed forces.

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