The hottest city in the world, Death Valley, could get even hotter – NRK Urix – Foreign News & Documentaries

The hottest city in the world, Death Valley, could get even hotter – NRK Urix – Foreign News & Documentaries

It is no longer impressive that there were reports that last year was warmer than usual or that there were no more hours of sunshine in June than this year.

Abnormal temperatures are the new normal.

United States of America

Death Valley – Death Valley – is located in southern California on the border with Nevada, and has the lowest point in the United States, 86 meters below sea level. It also holds the world’s highest recorded temperature, 56.7 degrees (measured in 1913).

The valley can once again live up to its name, because experts now fear temperatures that could defy world records.

On the other hand, heat records are not as celebrated as that of Jakob Ingebrigtsen, because they are primarily a confirmation of climate change, which in short is not good news for the planet.

On the other hand, tourists are flocking to Death Valley now, hoping to experience its historical warmth. On Sunday, 53.3 degrees was measured there.

In Arizona, a man was found dead in the desert on Sunday, after puncturing a bicycle tire and having to walk instead. Police say he apparently died of heat exhaustion, Type CBS.

83 million Americans live in places where authorities now warn of heat.

This map shows the extent to which an area of ​​the United States is under Danger Warning No. Purple indicates extreme heat, orange shows very windy weather and gray shows where the air quality is very poor.

Illustration: National Weather Service

south of Europe

After the hot month of June, many places in Norway are much cooler now. In the south of the continent it is still boiling.

It is especially hot in Greece, Spain and Italy.

A red heat warning has been issued in 16 Italian cities, and the European record for heat from Sicily in 2021 of 48.8 degrees may be broken, according to the European Space Center. In this case, it would likely happen either there or in Sardinia.

– We must prepare for a dangerous heat wave that will hit the whole country day after day. In some places, old heat records will be broken, write Italian weather forecast.

Severe weather becomes cold Sharonwho in Greek mythology was a ferryman in the underworld who ferried the dead across the river Acheron.

Reuters writes that forest fires are now ravaging several places in southern Europe. In the coastal town of Loutraki, 1,200 children were evacuated from holiday camps that were threatened by fire. AFP reports.

A woman calms down at the Spanish Steps in Rome.

A woman calms down at the Spanish Steps in Rome.



East Asia is unusually warm right now. Not only has China’s previous record of 50.6 degrees been broken, it’s completely melted – after measuring 52.2 degrees in Sanbao Village.

Fifty-one people have been hospitalized in Japan with heatstroke, NTB reports.

In South Korea, it is raining, and in the tunnel even 15 cars and buses are under water. So far 40 people have died in floods and landslides, after the rainy weather that followed the warm period.


Large parts of Norway have had nice weather in recent weeks, at least in periods. From now on, there will be a lot of rain in many places.

– There are no places in Norway that have hot summers, clear skies and high temperatures. It will be a bit unstable for everyone, says meteorologist Charalambos Sarcosides.

It will be particularly wet in the north and west. In Troms and Finnmark a yellow lightning warning has been issued.

warm world

Last year saw the hottest summer on record in Europe. According to research cited in the scientific journal Nature, more than 61,000 people died in the heatwave last year. Most of them were elderly people in Spain, Italy and Germany.

– Global warming means these temperatures are becoming more common, says Randy Cerny of the World Meteorological Organization.

There was a heatwave over southern Europe in April as well, and countries there are now hit by another. The high pressure appears to be magnetized over the area and does not move.

– In the long term, we’re going to get extreme temperatures more often, says Cerny.

This map of Europe shows the temperature forecast for the 3 p.m. Tuesday.  It's blood red and hot in the south.

This map of Europe shows the expected temperature at 3 pm on Tuesday. It’s blood red and hot in the south.

Illustration: European Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts

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