“Apple plans iPhone battery revolution” – ITavisen

“Apple plans iPhone battery revolution” – ITavisen

“Is Apple looking to make the battery life of the iPhone 15 series much better, or is it flaunting features that use so much battery that phones won’t last longer than the Series 14?”

I also think the Samsung Galaxy S24+ and S24 Ultra use a new battery technology

We asked this on July 4th regarding a possible iPhone 15 battery leak. Early this month, Apple was said to be increasing the battery size across all models, and the iPhone 15 Plus is the one that will have the biggest battery:

  • iPhone 15: 18% more battery (3,877 mAh)
  • iPhone 15 Plus (4,912 mAh) and iPhone 15 Pro (3,650 mAh): 14 percent battery increase
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max: battery increase by 12 percent (4,852 mAh)

The latest battery rumors surrounding the iPhone 15 series come from well-known Android leaker @RgcloudS. The person claims to know Samsung is on its way (late this year or early 2024 — the leaker believes we can’t expect faster than 45W charging until that happens) with batteries stacked on top of each other and that “Apple used them on the entire iPhone 15-series” . So the person thinks that Apple is preparing “stacked” batteries in all the new models that will be unveiled in September.

The advantage of stacking batteries is faster charging, higher capacity, and therefore better battery life. It will be interesting to see the result with the A17 chip. Apple is only expected to equip the latest chip in the Pro series, as they have done for two generations now.

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Already in December last year, rumors swirled that battery life, not performance, was the biggest focus with the A17 chip:

You might remember this article from a few days ago about Apple fooling itself while developing a new GPU chip that should offer much better performance and include ray tracing support. Now it is not certain that this chip will be found in the iPhone Pro 2023, but Apple may need another year of development.

For reports from the industry, indicate that Focus A17 battery life will be improved. Since this year, it is logical that the iPhone 15 (the question is whether there will be an iPhone 15 Plus) will be equipped with the A16, that is, a generation behind the Pro. The chips will be developed with 3nm technology, which is an improvement from today’s 5nm. TSMC’s technology reduces power consumption by about 35 percent.

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