News, Exotic Animal | The observation prompts Peter to call BA: – I am completely overwhelmed

News, Exotic Animal |  The observation prompts Peter to call BA: – I am completely overwhelmed

– It was totally adventurous, I was totally like “wow”, says Peter Letspore, who believed he had spotted the beast-like animal on Thursday evening.

Exotic animal

– I have never seen such an animal in Norway before, says a clearly delighted Letsborg.

While Kismulelwa was riding his bike in Fana, he noticed a strange animal. He rode off first, but decided to double check that he wasn’t seeing visions.

– I didn’t believe what I saw, I thought I got it He says.

According to Despore, the animal should lie still and not react to him as he cycles past.

– It’s huge, the size of a large male deer, with long horns the size of its body, Letspore says.

Cycled back to the animal to secure a photo as proof of sighting. When he returned, the animal was in the same unbroken condition as before.

– It’s completely wild, I don’t know what animal it is or how it ended up here, says Dezbor.

– Maybe it has something to do with the exotic cat, he speculates.

He mentions a big cat seen in Oz last week.

Jameson, a famous fellow

BA is just as curious as the tipster and investigates the case. We try calling a couple of zoologists without getting a response. Also, we try our luck with Remy, the reptile in the aquarium. Maybe he knows someone? The film will be distributed to both the farmers and the animal park in Kristiansand.

However, the solution to the mystery will come from a farm not far from Kismulelwen, namely Framne’s farm.

Everyone involved should laugh as they learn the answer.

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— This is the Jameson, says Solveig Lilletvedt, a very famous ship.

He is a farm owner and board member of Fana Bueskytterklubb, and Jameson is one of the largest 3D animals in the club’s portfolio.

– Complained to the police

So the chamois is not an exotic stray animal in the fauna, but an animal target in three-dimensional archery.

It turns out that this isn’t the first time the “deer” has been in the spotlight.

– Jameson caused a stir last year when he lined up in his first season targeting a little-known sport, says Lilletvedt.

Even then, within sight of the cycle path, someone noticed where he was standing. Archer says that last year, visitors called the police and accused the shooters of poaching.

– The patrolmen arrived at the scene in no time and smiled.

According to Lillett, they were given a brief introduction to the game and were assured that Jameson took it all in stride.

– For all who wonder; Jameson takes his work so seriously, is completely calm and so heavy that you don’t even have to think about moving him.

Lilletved says Jameson contributed to helping two Bergen archers participate in the EC in 3D archery. EC participants in a lesser-known sport were Janne Møinichen Brantzæg and Per-Ivar Pahlm.

– We and Jameson certainly cheer them up, says Lilletved.

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