Here they are, caught in the act

Here they are, caught in the act

A gang of thieves gained momentum when 35-year-old Ian Scott from Wales caught them in the act on Thursday night last week.

News agency Jam Press reports.

Masked men

The father of the young boy installed a floodlight camera outside the house just three days ago – which will turn out to be in time.

While Scott slept on the night of 22 June, freaks broke into his estate in Somerset. He told Jam he woke up to some strange noises.

– I went to check the camera and saw four masked men in a parking lot. It gave me goosebumps, says the 35-year-old.

He says one of the men had bolt cutters. Another targeted Scott’s Hyundai Tucson SUV, while Scott himself stood inside and watched the “live” robbery attempt.

It was ingested with 105 kilograms of amphetamine

scared away

It was disgusting and anxiety-provoking, the 35-year-old says, and says he was afraid of escalating the situation since his two-year-old son was sleeping indoors.

However, when the men came directly to the car, the alarm’s motion sensor was triggered.

– There was a full flood lighting over the four ships. Then they hurried, says Scott, who said he called and notified his neighbors after the men got away.

He also reported the attempted robbery the next morning.

– The camera had saved the recording, so it was easy to prove, he adds.

Many of Scott’s neighbors also have security cameras around the neighborhood. This means that they can easily determine which escape route was used.

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Matt Morgan (3 years old): - Now he'll be at peace

Matt Morgan (3 years old): – Now he’ll be at peace

Try again

A few days after the attempted robbery at Scott’s house, the four men try again on the street. They are spotted and captured by several floodlight cameras in the neighborhood. As cameras illuminate all parking lots as the robbers approach, they get away empty-handed this time, too.

Scott says he feels safer with a camera in the driveway. He adds that the whole neighborhood has now bought the same kind.

Dave Ward, director of communications for the company behind the security cameras in question, told Jam that they’re thrilled for all the satisfied customers:

– The cameras have really done their job here. He says we are committed to keeping neighborhoods safe, adding:

– This is tangible evidence that a possible crime has been avoided. We protect what matters most, he comments.

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