NATO, Savant | A US NATO plane crashed south of Bodo

The case is updated.

It was reported that a US NATO plane went missing south of Bodo on Friday. A crew of four were on training missions aboard the American Osprey. According to the plan, it was supposed to land a little before 6 pm.

A rescue helicopter from Bodo with an Orion aircraft was used in the search. In addition, a rescue helicopter was on a flight from Orlandt. But the weather conditions were tough, the main rescue center said in a news release late Friday night.

At 18.26, the main rescue center received a message from Avinor that the plane was missing. At 21.17 an out-of-air spotting was made at Gråtådalen in Beiarn after picking up signals from an emergency beacon transmitter.

– There were emergency beacons on the Sea King helicopter that crashed over Beiarn. They made a visible discovery, and saw the machine that entered the ground, Chief of Staff Bent Are Eilertsen at police in Nordland tells NTB.

The sea king did not fall because of the victim, but there were no signs of life that you could see from the air. We’re now at Beiarn and about to get the scooter patrols to the crash site, Eilertsen tells NTB. It’s 23.45.

Police and rescue crew are now on their way to the site. It’s dark and bad weather and it’s an area at risk of avalanche. So there are many things to consider.

The weather in the area is bad with snow showers and high winds, and gets worse at night. Therefore, the main rescue center cannot disembark by helicopter in the area.

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– Therefore, there are now volunteer ground crews on their way, in cooperation with the police, says spokesman Thomas Ringen at HRS to NTB around 22.30.

The site should not be too far from the road, so there is hope to reach it not so long ago.

– It’s a matter of a few hundred meters from the road, he says.

The Armed Forces make available the resources that the Human Resources Department and the Police may require.

Lieutenant-Colonel Ivar Moen, a spokesperson for NATO exercises Cold Response, confirmed to NTB that the aircraft is part of a large-scale military exercise taking place in northern Norway.

to TV2 Moin says it was not clear what caused the crash and he did not know how high the plane was above the ground when the crash occurred.

Gråtådalen is a side valley of Beiardalen in the municipality of Beiarn.

– You haven’t visited the site itself, so you don’t know anything about the four who were on board. But we know it’s a crash site, says the spokesperson Jan Eskel Severinsen from HRS to NRK.

The V-22 Osprey is an American military aircraft with a tilt of 12 meters in each wing. The plane can take off and land vertically or on a short runway like a helicopter, and it can fly like a normal helicopter when it takes off.

The last known location of the aircraft was at Saltfjelt.

The nationalities of the four on board have not been announced, but NRK says it will be about US soldiers.

Yingve Odlo, Head of Armed Forces Operations Headquarters, tells TV2 Nyhetskanalen that the plane was on a training flight from Sandnessjøen to Bodø when it lost contact with it over Saltville.

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Updated at 23.50: The plane took off from Bodo in recent weeks.

– It is the Americans themselves who are responsible for informing themselves of the incident, while we did, Lt. Col. Stein Barclay Gasland tells NTB.

Late Friday night, the defense couldn’t say anything else about how the incident affected the cold response. But the armed forces say they are in constant contact with the US leadership.

– We’re at an early stage. It’s too early to say anything about the consequences this exercise might have, says Frederic Sandberg, Cold Response press liaison.

Updated in 23.53: – Based on our findings, we are certain that it was an accident, says a spokesperson for the Main Rescue Center in Northern Norway (HRS), Jan Eskell Severinsen. to NRK.

Updated in 23.57: Chief of Staff of the Nordland Police District, Bent R Ellertsen, say to VG That the American plane was found wrecked in the mountains.

– We were told that it was an American plane with Americans on board. “We found a plane that crashed in the mountains,” says Ellertsen.

AIBN Aviation has been notified of the incident.

Updated 00.06: US Marines confirmed that one of their planes crashed in Bjarne.

– We can confirm that there was an accident involving the Marine Corps MV-22B Osprey. The plane had conducted training in Norway as part of Cold Response Exercise 22 when the accident occurred, according to the US Marines. Twitter.

Updated 00.37: We see no signs of life either in or around the plane, says Nordland Police Chief of Staff, daughter Arne Ellertsen. to NRK.

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He adds that it will take several hours before rescue teams can reach the wounded.

We are updating the issue.

Facts about the V-22 Osprey

  • The Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey is an American military aircraft with a tilt tilt of 12 meters on each wing.
  • The aircraft can take off and land vertically or on a short runway like a helicopter, and fly like a normal helicopter when it takes off.
  • This type of aircraft is stationed at Bodo during the NATO “Cold Response” exercise and is used by the US Marines.
  • V-22 Osprey versions of the US Marine Corps are used primarily for transporting troops and equipment, and are used in practice in a wide variety of terrain and landscapes.
  • The aircraft first flew in 1989 and entered active service in the US Army after the turn of the millennium.
  • Since 2007, the aircraft type has been involved in 28 accidents of varying severity, according to the Aviation Safety Network, according to VG.

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