NTNU will receive gender points for eight new studies

NTNU will receive gender points for eight new studies
Want more gender score: NTNU will now introduce gender score for eight new studies. In addition, they will continue with the 32 studies that have already been done.

The university will introduce gender scores for women in seven new studies and for men in one new study starting in fall 2024.


This was revealed by an application to the Ministry of Education, which must agree that NTNU can award gender points for admission to new studies, the reports. Chrono.

You can see the list of new studies for which NTNU wants gender points at the bottom of this status.

They will also extend the scheme with the gender score for the 32 studies already in place. According to Chrono, the university notes that the use of a gender score improves the gender balance in education.

These are the sex points

Gender points mean that you get extra points when applying for an education, and therefore a higher admission score total. The aim of this scheme is to recruit more than one gender into education.

Gender points are only available for a few studies in Norway, and most commonly they are awarded to women. Gender points are also given to men in some studies.

In addition to gender points and age points, you can get more bonus points when calculating the score, scores making up the majority. Examples are military points, civil service points, popular university points, and vocational school points – among others.

NTNU will present the gender score here

for women:

  • Communication Technology and Digital Security (5-year Integrated Master)
  • Automation and Intelligent Systems (Engineer for 3 years)
  • Electrification and Digitization (3 years engineer)
  • Logistics (Engineer 3 years)
  • Mechanics and Product Design (3 years engineer)
  • Physics (Bachelor)

for men:

  • Bioengineering (Bachelor)

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