This was Trump’s plan to reverse the election result – VG

This was Trump's plan to reverse the election result - VG
Getting Debt: The Congressional Committee will focus on former President Donald Trump when they present what happened on January 6, 2020.

The deputy chair of the committee investigating the congressional storming said Trump tried on seven points to topple the election result after the defeat in 2020.


On Thursday, the Jan. 6 commission held its first open hearing after long after interviewing witnesses and gathering information about what happened when people who believed the election were credible stormed the Capitol building in Washington, D.C.

Already in the opening speech of Committee Chairman and Republican Liz Cheney, it was clear that they were giving the former president a central role in what happened that day.

“On the morning of January 6, President Trump’s intention was to become President of the United States, despite the legal outcome of the election and in violation of his constitutional obligation to abdicate,” she said.

Cheney repeated what she said when she voted for the Supreme Court in 2021. It is made up of seven Democrats and one Republican.

– Trump summoned the mob, gathered the mob and set fire to this attack.

The January 6 Committee is a political committee appointed by the US House of Representatives.

The committee did not address a quarter point on Thursday, but will later provide the details in more detail.

On Friday, CNN could provide what it claims is a seven-point list, which Cheney is referring to, from a source on the panel.

According to the channel, “Trump oversaw a complex seven-party plan to overthrow the 2020 elections and prevent the transition to presidential power,” which presents the list as follows:

  • Trump has engaged in a massive effort to spread false and dishonest information to the American public and has claimed the 2020 election as his seat.
  • Trump intends to replace the acting attorney general until the Justice Department supports his false election allegations.”

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  • He added, “Trump is pressuring Vice President Pence to refuse to count the votes certified in violation of the Constitution and the law.
  • Trump is lobbying state election officials and state lawmakers to change the outcome of the election.
  • Trump’s legal team and other staff members have instructed Republicans in several states to take a fake ballot and pass it on to Congress and the National Archives.
  • Trump summoned a violent crowd in Washington and ordered them to march on the American capital.
  • While the election was in progress, Trump ignored several requests for help and failed to take immediate action to stop the election and instruct his supporters to leave the Capitol.

video: Look at the full open hearing from Thursday:

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