Macron was harshly criticized on the first day of his visit to the United States

Macron was harshly criticized on the first day of his visit to the United States

Macron unexpectedly lashed out at his American hosts shortly after arriving in Washington on Wednesday.

The US decision to subsidize American industry actually upset the French, who believed it would destroy European trade.

– This is very aggressive towards our business community. Macron said during a lunch with American politicians and businessmen on Wednesday afternoon that this will cost many jobs in Europe.

Anger over Biden’s climate policy

Macron pointed to Biden’s green industrial policy, which allocates billions of dollars to developing climate-friendly industry and technology, with particularly strong support for US products. The same applies to the development of microchips in the United States.

The fear is that the investment will give US companies unfair advantages at a time when the consequences of the Ukraine war and energy crisis are causing big problems for Europe and European companies.

Macron is the first foreign leader to pay a state visit to Washington since Biden became president nearly two years ago.

Important cooperation

But despite the criticism, diplomats on both sides of the Atlantic believe France’s importance to the United States is invaluable.

The Americans have received many vague signals from London, Berlin and Rome in recent years, and while the French strategy is not always understood, it is at least fully understood and coherent, says Mathieu Drouin of the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington. to Ritzau.

Macron’s supporters believe that the French president has brought renewed energy and creativity to international diplomacy, while critics believe his provocative diplomatic style could have negative consequences.

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Strong opinions

The Biden administration has a good relationship with France and has recognized Macron for showing leadership in the G7, NATO and the United Nations, as well as in the European Union with his support for Ukraine’s fight against Russia.

– emphasized by the fact that France is a country that never fails to speak its mind, which can be annoying. But that’s also what makes them such an important partner, Drouin says.

Macron also met US Vice President Kamala Harris on Wednesday. The actual state visit takes place on Thursday when Macron meets Biden at the White House.

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