Parents dead – children survived 55 hours in the car wreck

Parents dead – children survived 55 hours in the car wreck
Tragedy: Jake Day and Cindy Braddock were killed, and the three children survived the crash without permanent injuries.

Both parents died in the lineage. The three children were not found under the wreckage until 55 hours later – dry, but alive.


Miracle survivors say.

From across Australia, condolences are pouring in for the Northam family, who were stricken by motorway tragedy on Christmas morning.

After a birthday party, Cindy Braddock, 25, Jake Day, 28, and the kids left their hometown outside Perth at 1pm on Sunday night.

They were on their way to celebrate Christmas at his mother’s house in the small town of Kondinen, a 200-kilometre journey through the flat and desolate landscapes of the southwest coast.

Nathan O’Donnell was probably the last to see the couple alive at a Northam petrol station, as they stopped to fill up on petrol and buy drinks and snacks.

He looked exhausted. When he left, I wished him well on the long journey. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out, O’Donnell says according to the TV station 7 news.

Barely ten kilometers from home, the four-wheel drive car went off the road.

The car and its wheels were left in the air.

Dolls: Children’s toys were recovered from the car wreck.

The missing report the next day sparked a massive search. A relative who discovered the car wreck on Tuesday afternoon called emergency services.

Parents died. Two of the children were found outside the Land Rover, while the one-year-old was inside the vehicle.

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Day’s cousin, Michael Reed, believes the couple’s five-year-old daughter saved the one-year-old’s life by loosening her seatbelt after the accident.

Without her, he wouldn’t be with us today. The kids spent 55 hours in the car in the 30-degree heat, according to Reed NBC News.

Found: Emergency services at the scene outside Kondinen.

Another cousin of the father, Casey Jeffer, says it is a miracle that the children survived more than two days in the wasteland before being rescued.

An ambulance helicopter took the children to a hospital in Perth. According to the police, they were severely dehydrated. The one-year-old reportedly suffered a head injury.

“We hurt in different ways, all of us, but we put the kids first and do the best we can, day in and day out,” says Michael Reed.

The match is said to have brought in more than NOK 700,000 for the family. Read thanks everyone:

– It will really be a welcome support for raising children.


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