Gustav McNairwitz invests $ 110 million in a new charity – E24

Gustav McNerwitz, the heir to the salmon and a millionaire, is laying the foundation for the “W initiative” that works for humanitarian operations targeting children and youth.

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– You can put a lot on your lap, but not the experience of meaning. As Gustav McNairwitz says, my motivation to work on something has never been so great. Adresseavisen and business website MN24 (Behind the wall)

The trust has a NOK 110 million start-up capital from the Witzi family company.

Atresa / MN24 writes that Witsey – the wealthiest man in Norway according to tax lists – will lead the selection committee of projects that receive support. An initial project was identified: two million kroner for better water and sanitation in Uganda.

The family owns 97 percent of the business

The news comes a few days after Whitsy was a guest on a talk show called Squallon, where he saidIt’s hard to be motivated by money.

Gustav Magnar Witze, 28, now has no formal roles on the family’s seafood board, except he owns 97 percent of Kvarv AS’s company.

It has been about 30 years since his father Gustav Witche Freya started Salmar, a fish farming company. Since then, the company has grown from 11 to 1,700 employees.

One of the richest people in the world under the age of 30

Today, salmon farmer Oslo is the second largest seafood company on the stock market with a market value of NOK 60 billion.

In 2011, father Gustav Witze transferred almost all his stake in the family investment firm Querva to his son in the Salmar portfolio for fear of inheritance tax.

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In 2019, son Witzie had $ 21 billion in taxable assets. He passed the rage here as Norway’s richest man Kejel, while he topped Forbes magazine’s list of the world’s richest people under the age of 30.

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