Prince Charles’ car powered by cheese and wine – VG

Prince Charles' car powered by cheese and wine - VG
NOW THE WHITE WINE IS SUPER: Prince Charles’ blue open-top sports car has been his companion for 51 years. Now it is environmentally friendly.

The British Prince’s old Aston Martin sports car is getting into good habits. Now the 51-year-old donkey is rolling over the profits of the country’s wine and cheese production.


Britain’s future king has a hood and has been described as a typical “petrol hat”.

Confirms that it is true.

– Yes, I was there, but that was before we knew what the problems were, he says.

In a larger interview with BBCIn which The Prince talks about the environment and climate change, he reveals that his favorite car has been converted from a petrol-powered hatch to a modern biofuel-fuelled delicacy.

– I cannot drive it much, but it is almost inconceivable that it now goes to waste, or surplus production, from the production of white wine and English cheese.

He didn’t just redesign the old blue car. Charles has taken several steps to reduce his carbon footprint.

Concern: Prince Charles shares young people’s frustration that not much is being done about climate change.

Meat and fish are cut from the royal menu twice a week, as well as dairy products are removed once a week.

The solar panels have been installed at Clarence House, the palace on the Mall in London, which is the Prince’s official residence, and at Highgrove which is the home of Prince Charles and Camilla’s family in the country.

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Additionally, a third home, the Birkhall estate in Balmoral, is heated using biomass in the form of wood chips.

The legendary chariot: Prince William borrowed his father’s car; Sports car Aston Martin Volante, when he married Kate in 2011.

Prince Charles said three weeks before the climate summit in Glasgow He shares Greta Thunberg’s concerns and other environmental activists That world leaders are “talking up” and not doing enough to prevent the catastrophic consequences of climate change.

However, he does not believe that civil disobedience in the form of barriers like among other climate rebels in Extinction Rebellion And Insulate Britain is particularly appropriate.

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Recently, major highways in London have been completely closed.

Prince Charles was asked if he sympathized with the activists.

– Of course I have, he says.

— but I don’t think it’s very useful to do it in ways that most people would distance themselves from. I totally understand their frustration, but the challenge is to address the frustration in a constructive rather than destructive way.

He believes that it is time for most people to understand the desperation of many young people.

Many young people feel that nothing is being done, and no one hears their frustration that their future will be completely destroyed, says the Prince.

The eco-conscious prince thinks so COP26 Climate Summit in Glasgow It is a last chance, and it is a disaster if climate change is not resolved.

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Now, the 71-year-old prince has honored future royal generations and perhaps all the young and environmentally conscious, in the form of a garden and a small forest that he planted in Birkhall.

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This became the same year his eldest grandson was born, and now he has called it ‘Prince George’s Forest’.

– I hope he can one day.

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