Hoyer tops are named for poison frogs: — otherwise incomparable

Hoyer tops are named for poison frogs: — otherwise incomparable

Say hello to Erna! The small poison dart frog is named after the leader of the Hoyer party.

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Three days before the municipal election, six bright blue and tiny little frogs arrived at Ten Lilly Tirehage in Brookland Hea, between Krajero and Risor.

Free-living amphibians in the rainforests of South and Central America were tried to be smuggled from Germany to Norway by Danish boat.

A 50-year-old man with frogs in his car. Customs officials in Larvik contacted the zoo on E18, which welcomed the little paws.

– We want to communicate so that captured animals are not immediately euthanized, says the animal manager at Ten Lilly Direhage Nils Harald Ryerson VG.

Only 19 species of exotic mammals, reptiles and amphibians are allowed to be introduced, kept and sold in Norway. Until 2017 it was illegal to keep reptiles as pets.

– Norway is more restrictive than other countries. As for frogs, Ryerson says there may be diseases that can be spread between the amphibians you’re afraid of.

– No doubt about the name

New poison dart frogs are isolated and will show up within a month. But three of them have been given names inspired by their presence during the election campaign:

– They are as blue as chocolate, so without taking a political stand, we have no doubts about the invitation. If they were red, we’d be angled that way, says Reirsen.

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A frog is named after Erna Solberg (H). The other two are after new local Conservative mayors, Kai Magne Stroud in Risor and Steiner Pedersen in Gjerstad.

– Are there any similarities other than color?

– No, otherwise there is no comparison, says the animal manager at Brokelandheia.

The three frogs have yet to be named.

– Feel free to ask VG readers, says Ryerson.

Let’s continue the call: If you have a name suggestion with a good reason, write it in the comment field.

– Surely they can name Frp politicians too?

– We will eventually see if they resemble pure right-wing politicians or if they behave like FRP members. Let’s see who shouts the loudest…

Responsible for animals: Nils Harald Rierson

Reiersen says there are many different poison dart frogs, and the most common is strong coloration.

– They are bright blue, red or yellow. Instead of hiding or hiding, color signals to other animals: Don’t touch me, I’m poisonous and deadly!

Reiersen says frogs excrete poison through the skin on their backs. But it is not dangerous for zookeepers who wear gloves.

At the zoo, they are housed in a separate landscape decorated like a tropical rainforest with high humidity and lots of lush vegetation.

Poison dart frogs are 2-4 cm in size and live for two to five years.

– You’re expecting tadpoles, aren’t you?

– Animals always have fun when they breed with us. A sign that they are having fun.

Den Lille Dyrehage was built in 2009 and has 60,000 visitors every year. In the zoo and rainforest there are animals such as crocodiles and caimans, iguanas and anacondas, but also lemurs and meerkats, kangaroos and emus, chickens and goats.

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