US to investigate NATO airstrikes – VG

US to investigate NATO airstrikes – VG
Thanks for the support: Timothy Irish at the US Marine Corps thanks Norway for their support after the plane crash in the Northland.

BODØ / BEIARN (VG) Timothy Irish of the US Marine Corps warns the VG that Americans will take over the investigation into the NATO plane crash in the Northland in the next few days.


On Sunday evening, the Norland Police District warns that four dead people have been evacuated from the crash site in difficult conditions. They are flown to Bodo by helicopter under the auspices of the Armed Forces.

VG met with Timothy Irish, Director of Communications, “II Marine Expeditionary Force” at Bodo Airport.

He says of the four American soldiers who died:

– They were all crew on the current Aspray aircraft, and all were brave, dedicated Marines. We will work hard to get their families back home.

The U.S. plane crashed on Friday V-22 Osprey Type in Bayern Municipality in Northland. The aircraft was engaged in training on NATO’s Cold Response.

– We are completely immersed in the strength and support we have received from Norway. This is a testament to how strong our alliance is.

From the flagpole you see directly the mountainous terrain where the V-22 Osprey plane crashed.

It was painful to keep your eyes open when the wind blew, as the weather had been stormy in recent days, and now the flagpoles shone in the glorious sunlight from the bright blue sky with scattered, white, marked clouds-

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Will assume responsibility

Currently, police in the Northland are taking action at the scene. Irish tells VG that US authorities will eventually take up the administrative investigation.

– The Gold Response is a Norwegian exercise, so it is still subject to Norwegian jurisdiction. Norwegian authorities have provided all assistance and support. In the next few days there will come a time when jurisdiction and inquiry will be taken over by us.

The Northland Police District comments on the Americans’ report:

– There are indications now that the Americans will take over the investigation of the scene of the accident, but the Norwegian Police will lead this until it is over, says Chief of Staff Christian Vikran Carlson.

Half pole: Across the country after the crash in the Nortland, security is now flying the flag at half speed.

Time consuming process

Norwegian police on Sunday began an initial investigation into the crash site of a NATO plane that crashed on Friday in the Craddale in the municipality of Bourne in Norland.

Police say both forensic technicians, Gripos and the Accident Investigation Board were taken to the scene.

– This is a process that may take longer than initially planned. The scooter ride takes about. Half an hour, then you have to walk less than a kilometer in deep snow with skiing or skiing, Christian Vikran Carlson, operational manager of the Norland Police District, told a news conference Sunday.

On Friday, Bourne was characterized by bad weather, but on Sunday the sun shone and the sky opened. But the forested mountain sides are constantly weighed down by wet snow, which poses a high risk of landslides and demands working conditions for rescue services.

Great crash site

The crash site is more than 300 meters long and is located in a valley with trees and rough terrain, Carlson says.

There is great uncertainty as to whether the four dead Americans will be taken out today, he continues:

– It’s hard to estimate some time for that, so I can not confirm whether they will be taken out today, says Carlson.

– It is on the side of a valley, an area with high power and powerful thunder. It’s big, hard.

According to Carlson, the focus is now on collecting documents from the scene of the accident. Priority will then be given to taking out the dead.

On Sunday afternoon, police began a preliminary investigation at the scene.

Bad weather prevailed in the area when the plane crashed. However, the police could not confirm or deny that the weather was the cause of the accident.

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