Emily “Fu” Neering: – About the wedding:

Emily "Fu" Neering: - About the wedding:

Former top blogger Emilie “Voe” Nereng (26), currently in the news with the success of TV 2 “Kompani Lauritzen”. So far, I’ve faced all the challenges head-on and excelled as the first sergeant of the season.

In the program, she and the other participants must Push yourself through challenging workoutsBut at home, a somewhat calmer atmosphere reigns with fiancé Torger Glumnis Johansen.

Company Lauritzen: Tone Damli was told she was “invisible” when the participants had to take their first notes in a military relationship. Reporter: Bjorn Ecker. Video: Selena Morkin
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– I hate to be disappointed

In 2016, it became known that Neering had found love. Barely a month later, she revealed on her blog that she and her boyfriend had gotten along well, too.

Three years later, her boyfriend got on his knees. When See and Hear meets her, she can say she really wants to keep the details to herself, but says the following about the proposal:

– Somehow, I saw the engagement coming. Because we’ve talked candidly about weddings, kids, and what kind of life we ​​want since we started dating each other. So the courtship wasn’t such a shock, if she did, one might not have been together long enough. It was just such a wonderful feeling.

However, the 26-year-old could reveal that the wedding is on hold for the time being, as it has been difficult to plan due to the coronavirus.

Honestly: Emily Neering, formerly known as “Foo,” hasn’t learned to deal with ugly comments. Reporter: Bjorn Ecker. Video: Selena Morkin
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– Yes, that’s why. It was simply impossible to plan. We first got a lock, then a new lock. And I hate to be disappointed, that’s the worst I know. Worst thing if it was canceled a few days ago. I can’t stand that kind of disappointment, she says.

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– So we thought we’d prefer to get married when the pandemic is over. Planning takes time, so we still don’t know when it will be. I’m still young, so we’re not in a hurry either. The most important thing, she adds, is knowing that we love each other.

– Really warm

When the former lead blogger finally finished recording “Kompani Lauritzen,” it was nice to go home to his girlfriend.

– It was great to see him when I came home again. It was as if I had just left, because of the bubble I was in, she says, and continues:

Reunion: After recording, Emily Neering is reunited with her boyfriend and their dog.  Photo: private

Reunion: After recording, Emily Neering is reunited with her boyfriend and their dog. Photo: private
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– He cleaned the whole apartment, polished it properly and bought flowers – it was really nice to come home.

When asked if it could be romantic, she answered the following:

Not necessarily very romantic, but he can be if he wants to. For me, when it cleans and shines, that’s a sign of love. It concludes that this means more than a thousand words.

Company Lauritzen: When the participants have to climb Trollstigen after a hard day without food and drink, one of the participants falls.
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– It’s hopeless

The 26-year-old, who has previously been seen on TV shows such as “Skal vi Danse”, “Bloggerne” and “71°N – Norway’s Most Powerful Celebrity”, has previously been described as a “totally king”.

However, she admitted that not all aspects of coexistence are alike. She told See and Hear in 2016 The discussions between them can often be of the crying kind.

– I cry easily. I don’t get angry, I just cry, then immediately puts on a down jacket. So there’s no hope, you can’t argue with me, because I’m only crying, I said earlier.

The lover can also confirm that it was not just a home of harmony.

– It’s mostly very good. But I used to live with a friend, and now I’m suddenly living with a girl, so there are a lot of other things to deal with. There are fewer tears in our house now than there were before. He said at the time that most of them were tears of joy.

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