June 8, 2023


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Marna Hagen had to return at the airport

The suitcase was packed and ready for the May 17 celebration in Sunmore, but when Marna Hagen (42) arrived at Cordermon Airport the day before National Day, plans changed.


It was only after the influencer checked in at the airport that she discovered the mistake.

“Bloggers”: Influencer and “Bloggers” host Marna Hagen reveals who her mystery date was at Alexandra Joner’s Halloween party. Video: Thea Hope / TV2Play. Correspondent: Cain Balch. Clip: Luna Leia.
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– I was able to book a flight ticket from Volta to Cartermoen, not from Cartermoen to Volta, Hagan says in his Instagram story.

Wrong flight: Marna Hagen took to Instagram to share about the wrong booking.  Photo: Screenshot

Wrong flight: Marna Hagen took to Instagram to share about the wrong booking. Photo: Screenshot
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And when the 42-year-old said the flight was fully booked and the children said they didn’t want the long 8-hour car journey, they took their suitcases home.

– Skiing at Bunad

– I knew I was doing something wrong when I was tired, but I was sure it was going to be okay, Haugen tells Talkblade, adding that he’s been on dates in the past.

Call for new job

Call for new job

The tickets were booked when Haugan had his hands full with his son’s commitment, and the mom admits she was exhausted after the celebration.

– I envisioned skiing at Bunad, but rain is reported. So that was great, she says.

Agrees: Marna Haugen admits she’s afraid of men but is trying to date again after a breakup. Bloggers will appear on TV2Play / TV2Lives. Video: TV2 / Red Runner. Correspondent: Cain Balch.
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New projects

Although there will no longer be a May 17 celebration with family, the day should be marked.

– After the injury, I always do it better, now I have time for other things.

- It will be very heavy

– It will be very heavy

A large part of National Day is spent volunteering at the sausage stand at my son’s school.

After Haugen shared about the wrong booking on Instagram, many people sent him messages about the May 17 celebrations without family.

Therefore, two members of the royal family should not appear outside the fort on May 17. Correspondent: Mia Engenes Bratlie/Dagbladet TV
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– There are many people who have small families and cannot celebrate with a large family. It’s important to show that you can be happy with someone, even alone. The most important thing is to relax and eat an ice cream, says Hagan.

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