The Danish boat went without several dozen passengers in Bergen

The Danish boat went without several dozen passengers in Bergen

Fleming Hoffman Tweeden, Fazard Line’s communications consultant, confirms to TV2 that several passengers were standing in the waiting room at Bergen Harbor.

Hoffman tells Dwight TV2 that he can confirm that the failure of communication between land and ship left Bergensford Bergen without pedestrians.

He added that two buses will be set up to take those who want to continue to Stavanger, where they can board the ship.

– Of course, everyone gets their trip back, even if they choose to travel further. Everyone also gets value verification, Hoffman Tweeden adds.

About 60 abandoned passengers

About 60 people are standing, including Derje Cronhawk and Gert Flightlit. They are actually going to Hirdshouls, but now plan to spend the night in Bergen, instead go by boat on Thursday.

– It does not work. This is simply amateur, angry Derje Cronhawk.

He says the door was not open for passengers who suddenly saw the boat go into Fjord.

Love: Derje Cronhawk and Gert Flightlit are not happy. Photo: Trent Solwang / TV2

– We thought it was an exercise or something like that, but we saw the boat go beyond Chotropion. This is completely unthinkable, Cronhawk adds.

The TV2 reporter in the waiting room describes the atmosphere as amp.

– Total communication failure

Hoffman tells Tweedon to do what they can for the affected passengers.

– Apologies in strong words is what we naturally lie about. There was a severe failure of communication here, which was discovered when the captain considered it too late to return.

– Again – We apologize to the victims, the communication consultant continues.

Derjee Cronhawk thinks the apology is too thin.

– I do not think it is acceptable. They say many Danes are on board, but Norway should have known as much as they did that the Norwegians would be involved.

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