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Kine Skuseth (17) og Rachel Borøchstein (17) viser frem sine Levis-bukse 501

Used Levi’s pants are back in fashion, and the most popular is the classic 501, we have to trust the guys at Aalsund.

– It has a timeless shape and makes everyone look good, says Rachel Borochstein (17).

– Cool and classy

Kine Skuseth (17) has a wardrobe that most people her age can only dream of. He inherited 12 pairs of Levi’s pants from his mother.

– I think it’s really cool and great that I have so many popular pants again.

Malin Schuseth (47) bought her first pair of Levi’s in 1990 and took care of everything she bought.

– When I went to high school, Levi’s was very popular. Kin was about the same size as me then, so she collapsed into all my bushes.

Lewis Malin Schusseth reminisces about his youth. Now her daughter wears kin trousers.

Photo: Remy Sagan / NRK

Buy and sell old trousers

There are plenty of vintage pants for sale online. Recycling app Tise reported a five-fold increase in the number of searches for Levis 501 in August compared to the same period last year.

– DIt’s great to see so many people using it when they have to wear jeans. Especially when we know that it takes 7,500 liters of water to make a pair of jeans, he says. Chikrun Stenceth in Dice.

At Finn.no, they see a significant increase in classic searches. On the website, the price of a well-used pair of trousers from the 90s varies from a few hundred Swedish kroner to NOK 2,000.

A screenshot of an ad for used Levi's pants

The seller writes that the pants were purchased at a store in Los Angeles that specializes in vintage Levi’s.

Paid $25,000 for a 100-year sock

When asked if NOK 2,000 is a lot to pay for a pair of used trousers, fashion journalist Marianne Gemdegaard laughs.

– Supply and demand are linked. One is happy to pay twice the original price for a perfectly shaped pair of vintage trousers. Scholars debate whether it’s worth it, or buying a new pair of pants and rolling in the gravel with them.

Gemdegard said the worst price example he knew was the price Levis paid for a pair of trousers.

– About 20 years ago, a miner sold a hundred-year-old pair of Levi’s pants to Levi’s for $25,000.

Marianne Jemtegård

Marianne Jemtegård is a stylist and fashion journalist.

Photo: Private

icon status

The popularity of the Levi’s 501 is in waves, and according to Gemdeck, there is no more iconic piece of clothing than the Levi’s 501.

– Part of the magic of the 501 is that it’s a completely sustainable pair of jeans. Not too narrow, not too wide, not too high on the waist, not too low on the waist. It is the most popular jeans worn by presidents, Hollywood stars, farmers and fashion icons. The 501 isn’t going away anytime soon.

Wear loose clothing

At Carlings in Amphi Moa Shopping Centre, the store manager is more interested in Levi’s 501, but says many older customers prefer older trousers. They are slightly different in fabric and fit.

– The biggest difference is in the women’s model. The new one is curved at the waist so it sits well on the waist. IN Additionally, many of them have stretch. Maj-Christine Sjoholt explains that men’s trousers are roughly the same as they always have been.

She has about 70 pairs of jeans, but her favorite is not the 501. She believes the pandemic may have helped make the model popular again.

– People are used to sitting at home in jogging suits, and many prefer to dress up Should be more comfortable. He says these old vintage trousers have a looser fit.

Prefers old shrubs

In Ålesund, friends Kain Skuseth and Rachel Borochstein agree that owning old Levi’s pants is pretty special. Kine’s pants are not for sale.

– Is there any difference between buying a 501 in a store today and wearing an old 501?

– I would say that. The new pants are completely stiff. These used trousers have a lot of history and are special to me because I inherited them from my mother, says Kin.

Levi's Pants 501

Kin’s pile of used Levi’s trousers have high value on the second-hand market.

Photo: Remy Sagan / NRK

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