Has cleaned the homes of Norwegian people:

Has cleaned the homes of Norwegian people:

On Monday, the new show “Rydderevolusjonen” will be screened on TV2, led by Testa Marie Peter.

Over the months, he, along with artisan Mates Clemetsen and recycler Ingrid Vic Lysney, have helped many families get an elegant home.

– What we do is move twice a week, so we take everything out. We have 500 square meters in a hall, everything is arranged side by side. Then you can only take half of it home. I’m very strict there, says Testa to Norway Norway.

According to the hosts, one person in the family always collects more than the other family.

– These are families who have registered for a program. This is not the whole family, but a major problem.

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47 deodorants

Testa says he understands what participants are doing, but drastic action is needed.

– I do not come as a person who is not confused, but I think it is easy to come from the outside and say: “You do not need 47 deodorants.” And it’s not a random number, it’s a family-owned episode.

Many of the participants had difficulty giving things – especially objects with which they had an emotional connection.

– We have a family that does nothing for their 14-year-old son, and then I come in with a showbox and tell him that all the memories should be in this box, and the rest will smoke.

Collaboration: Both Testa and Mates agree that good cooperation leads to good results. Photo: Good morning Norway

Known on Instagram

Many people have recently gotten acquainted with a craftsman named Mates Clemetsen through Instagram. On the other hand, it was his first TV appearance as a “man of all potential”.

– It was incredibly exciting because there are so many people working behind the camera and I am the only artisan to do that. This is a bit of a challenge, he admits.

Had to do a lot in the short term. It was a daunting task for the Mets, but he says he did well.

– I want to achieve a lot. While they were in the hall with Testa, I stayed home. Then I will renovate everything and fix what I thought would make the house better.

The Mets had to find quick but good solutions to find the ingredients. The basic principle of this program is to use what is already in the family. For example, he converted IKEA cabinets and kitchen solutions into shoe boxes.

Expert Tips

Only elegant houses have been provided to the families who have gone like this.

– I will say in all humility that we have saved some marriages. I love when I meet new families, we report to each other, and they send pictures with updates, where they have done more cleaning says Testa

The host provides hints on what steps are needed to make the best choices when starting such a cleaning process.

– Reset yourself, get everything done and find out what you want to have. If so then that relationship would be fine.

Testa Marie Peter about her new TV show: – Lots of darling

The project helped Testa personally because he struggled to keep it neat.

– I have worked hard to change many things in my past, I started to practice with others, but I started using one for free every week to clean at home.

Mets have learned that selling or leaving items at home can reduce your stress if you have too much.

– I hope people know you don’t need much. I sold the garage at home and my garage was full of supplies. Selling or giving away anything can reduce your stress.

Both Desta and Mads both agree that if you start cleaning things first, it’s the wardrobe you should start with.

– The incredible number of people who have unsuitable clothes on the shelf, remove unmatched items. Get rid of it, they insist.

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