New mobile network equipment can save lives in the mountains – NRK Møre og Romsdal – Local news, TV and radio

New mobile network equipment can save lives in the mountains – NRK Møre og Romsdal – Local news, TV and radio

Every year, more than three thousand rescue operations are carried out in Norway in connection with incidents on land. Hopeless mobile conditions have caused problems for rescue teams across the country countless times.

NRK leads to an area where steep mountain sides and high peaks are inviting and ready for skiers. But mobile coverage is poor or non-existent in many large areas in Eikesdal in Romstal.

New times: The equipment is well received by volunteers at the rescue.

Photo: Torey Ellingsetter / NRK

Black box on car roof

Norway's People's Aid team proudly displays the latest black box in the rescue mission. It is a portable base station that can be used in areas with zero coverage.

Mobile network Norwegian people support

Black Box: This will change the workday of the rescue team.

Photo: Torey Ellingsetter / NRK

Henning Hus, business developer at Telia, refers to this as a unique solution that only Norwegian People's Aid in Møre and Romsdal has adopted outside of conservation. He said it uses low-orbit satellites to connect to mobile networks.

– We know it's about seconds and minutes. Although it is very new, I believe it is a new time for rescuers.

Henning House

BELIEVED: Henning Huss at Telia believes the new portable base stations will be critical to the rescue mission.

Photo: Torey Ellingsetter / NRK

Drop the map and paper

More than three thousand rescues take place in Norway every year. For Kristoffer Christiansen at Norwegian People's Aid in Møre and Romsdal, it means a lot to have mobile coverage everywhere.

– We avoided using old time maps and papers. We get the information our team needs. Not least, it gives our prospectors an opportunity to contact us.

Christiansen believes the tool will already be in use by Easter. – We have many areas without mobile network and emergency network, then this is very good.

Christopher Christianson

Folkegelba: Operations manager Christopher Christiansen is very happy to be the first in the country with the new equipment.

Photo: Torey Ellingsetter / NRK

For members of Norwegian People's Aid, it's almost like a Christmas present. They smile broadly as they test Finnset in Eikesdal.

– Yes, it's funny. But when it's serious, it's serious. Either way, it means a lot to us, says Kristoffer Christiansen of Norwegian People's Aid.

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