Christmas Gift: – Buy one only

Christmas Gift: – Buy one only

Torrey Peterson (44) has gotten personal finance on track before. Still, he thinks it’s hard to come up with good savings tips for Norwegians with empty wallets before Christmas.

– I don’t know if there is such good advice now. Peterson tells Talkblade that it’s completely hopeless for many.

He himself has chosen to be honest with those close to him about the fact that the budget for Christmas presents is a bit thin this year.

Norges Bank’s Christmas Gift on Thursday this week Further increase in interest rates. Contrary to the expectations of all economists, the central bank with its chair Ida Wolden Bache raised the key interest rate by another quarter of a percentage point – to 4.5 percent.

End of “Gifts for Friends”.

– I will start a relationship as much as possible, I will not give gifts to friends anymore, says Peterson, who served as the moderator of “Sofa” on NRK and “Will we dance” on TV 2.

Past: Morton Hexeth took over her ex-boyfriend Torey Peterson’s judging duties on “Skull We Dance” before the 17th season. But they have nothing to do with each other. Video: Red Runner
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This year they tried a new twist on her family: They wrote name tags for everyone in the family and put them “in the hat.” Then everyone drew a piece of paper.

– Then we buy a gift for a person, where we agree on the maximum amount for gifts, says Peterson.

He believes this is a good solution and advises many people to try it.

– The budget helps a lot to go from fourteen to one gift this year! Torrey Peterson says.


Another rise in interest rates could be tough for Norwegians with mortgages. Most people: In Norway, 83 percent of adults own their own home. Norwegians now spend just 16 percent of their income on debt. According to Norges Bank’s own statistics Norwegian families have never before had so much interest and repayment on their income.

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Keep the habits: Tore Petersom keeps the habits he learned from Silje Sandmal.  Photo: Tor Lindseth/ Se og Hør

Keep the habits: Tore Petersom keeps the habits he learned from Silje Sandmal. Photo: Tor Lindseth/ Se og Hør
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November figures for price growth showed it was a better-than-expected 4.8 percent. And electricity prices are going up.

This way, the Christmas spirit won’t be so overwhelming.

In the TV show “I lomma på Silje” in 2019, Torey Petersen helped consumer economist Silje Sandmall realize his own apartment dream.

He knew very little about finance, and the money disappeared from his wallet as soon as it arrived.

The show revealed that Pettersson never had more than NOK 500 in his savings account at a time, spent more than NOK 4,000 on lunch in a week, and continued to buy small items in shops and treat himself to treats. A night on the town with his friends – weekly.

New habits

Consumer economist Sandmæl helped him change his habits of inviting friends over for dinner, writing a shopping list, and giving up impulsive action. TV Profile sticks to those habits.

– I live in my dream apartment, I followed Silje’s advice. I never eat out and am fine with inviting people over. I sleep well at night, saving as much as I can for new dreams, says Peterson.

After breaking up with her boyfriend Joachim Djosteim a couple of years ago, keeping the apartment took its toll. But he made it.

– Both debt and joint expenses have gone up for me like everyone else. After all, I also bought my ex, which meant I had to take real steps to live. So far I’m coping, let’s see if the banks come to their senses and don’t push people out of the housing market.

Peterson believes there’s more stigma attached to financial issues — and more transparency is needed. He makes a living by giving lectures on transparency and mental health. He thinks he should talk about financial problems.

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