Our goal is to divide the United States and Europe

Our goal is to divide the United States and Europe

Belgian politician Frank Creelman is said to have worked for three years as a spy for China. He is not alone.

Belgian politician Frank Creelman worked as a spy for China in Brussels. And now it has been revealed.

The short version

On Friday morning, far-right politician Frank Creelman appeared on the front page of the Financial Times, Le Monde and Der Spiegel.

The Belgian has been mentioned several times in the media due to his pro-Russian statements. Now the newspapers have revealed that he worked as a spy for China.

Creelman is one of many spying for China in Brussels.

It would affect European politics

From 2019 to 2022, Creelman will have received several assignments from Daniel Wu. He is an officer in the Chinese Ministry of Intelligence.

The missions were said to be related to influencing Europe’s policy towards China.

Among other things, he should try to change Europe’s view of the persecution of the Uyghurs and China’s conflict with Hong Kong.

Creelman was also asked to urge his colleagues in the European Parliament to criticize the US and the UK. The two countries are accused of “undermining energy security in Europe.”

“Our goal is to divide the United States and Europe,” Wu reportedly wrote in a text message to Creelman. He writes Financial Times.

Frank Kreelmann was expelled from the Vlaams Belang party.  His actions run counter to the goal of the Nationalist Party, party leader Tom van Grieken wrote on X/Twitter.

Frank Kreelmann was expelled from the Vlaams Belang party. His actions run counter to the goal of the Nationalist Party, party leader Tom van Grieken wrote on X/Twitter.

The researcher must “attack”.

Several media houses published leaked messages between Wu and Creelman. The letters should be evidence that Creelman had been used as an informant.

It shows how the authorities in Beijing work to influence Western policy in China’s favor.

In one conversation, it emerged that Wu had asked Creelman to “attack the reputation” of German researcher Adrian Zenz.

Zenz revealed that China is holding hundreds of thousands of Uighurs captive in re-education camps.

Creelman refused to answer the three newspapers’ questions. He now writes that he has been expelled from the Vlaams Belang (Flemish interests) party. POLITICO.

– His actions contradict the goal of our party, its essence, and even its name. Party leader Tom van Greken says nationalists’ loyalty can only be to their nation X/Twitter.

Why did China use a right-wing extremist Belgian?

The Financial Times spoke to several people who played a key role in the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

One of them, Nigel Inkster, a former CIA officer, suggests that British and Belgian politicians are luring China to spy on Europe.

– Belgium became a center for intelligence from a number of hostile countries, says Inkster.

This can be explained by the fact that the headquarters of both the European Union and NATO are located in Brussels.

He was warned about some bars

Spies in Brussels are not a new phenomenon. In 2018, Brussels was dubbed the “City of Spies.” POLITICO.

In 2019, Die Welt, La Samba and Bloomberg An extensive network of intelligence agents working for China in Brussels. Brussels was called the “Gateway to China”.

At least 250 Chinese and 200 Russian agents operate in Brussels. An anonymous EU source told the German Die Felt In February 2019.

At the time, European diplomats and officers were warned not to eat in some restaurants and bars in the city’s EU area. The reason is that Russian and Chinese spies can sit there and eavesdrop on conversations.

A successful little spy

The Financial Times also spoke to another person with previous ties to the CIA. Describes a person for whom China prefers to be used as a spy:

A moderate profile of far-right politicians.

The source says: – These politicians are in contact with high-ranking people in the regime and often discuss sensitive topics with them.

Messages between Woo and Creyelman show they discussed several different payment assignments.

Among other things, he was assigned to assign a journalist to write a story on Hong Kong, where China is doing well.

It was one of several tasks Creelman was unable to perform.

– Sabotaging our democracy

Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo was asked about the spying news when he attended a meeting of European Union leaders on Friday.

He told the press he was shocked.

– It means that there are those who are sabotaging our security, interests, and democracy from within Parliament.

– He said: “Now the whole world has seen it.”

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