It’s happening today – Friday

It’s happening today – Friday

Famous lawyer Mona Hoyness Has mortgaged two houses for NOK 154 million. Interest alone now costs her up to NOK 1 million a month.

After years of failed attempts, he is now again trying to sell his luxury villa in Frogner, Oslo. Originally he was aiming for 150 million, but this time broker Hans Howland has come forward with a price of 79.8 million.

Norges Bank hiked key interest rate It rose 50 basis points to 3.75 percent on Thursday. Harald Magnus Andreasen, Chief Economist of Sberbank 1 Markets, believes this is largely made up.

He says there is reason to worry about inflation, but also sees clear signs that interest rate hikes are starting to have a positive effect on the economy. – Norcase Bank says Norwegians should not take their lives.

Store brand manager Olav Senn Norges Bank’s double interest rate hike on Thursday could break the bank of highly leveraged firms.

Many real estate traders are counting on low interest rates and rising prices, and have stretched the rope too far in the hope that interest rates will soon drop. That won’t be the case, warns Chen. He doesn’t rule out that we could see heavy hits like the Swedish SBP.

Drikwe Hegnar writes at the head About all proposals by politicians at national and local level that could completely change citizens’ finances.

A good example is the municipality of Arendal, where Ap, SV and Sp have got the city council to accept compulsory residence in certain areas of the municipality. The value of your owned and borrowed home will decrease.

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What do Ap, SV and Sp need? We think politicians should stop with sudden and far-reaching changes, Hegnar writes.

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