29 square meter cabin on Indre Oslofjord sold for 5.75 million – E24

29 square meter cabin on Indre Oslofjord sold for 5.75 million – E24

– The important thing here is the available space and not the number of square meters, says broker Marius Berger.

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A 29 square meter cabin in Blekoya, Oslo recently sold for NOK 5.75 million.

This corresponds to a price close to NOK 200,000 per square meter.

It was Oslo newspaper He was the first to mention the subject.

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By comparison, the average square meter price for housing in Oslo was NOK 94,171 in March, Eiendom Norge's price statistics show.

– Normal price

The cabins on the islands in the Inner Oslofjord were originally built for the working class. Now they cost millions.

– This is a fairly normal price for a cabin on Bleikøya, Lindøya or Nakholmen, says broker Marius Berger at Sem & Johnsen for E24.

He has been selling cabins on islands in the Inner Oslofjord for over 20 years. There are about 600 of these in total. Berger has sold more than 250 of them.

There are about 600 cabins on the islands in the Inner Oslofjord.

– A little summer paradise

The cabin sold on Bleikøya has one bedroom and a loft with room for four people, the ad says.

It is located on the first line towards the sea and can be reached by boat between 15 and 20 minutes from Aker Brygge.

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– Both buyer and seller are very satisfied, says Berger.

He says the buyer lives in central Oslo.

– The man bought it as a little summer paradise. It is not the number of square meters, but the available space and space that matters here.

Economically on the concession side

Berger sold his first apartment in Nakholmen in 2003 for NOK 2,550,000. Before that, no cabin on the islands sold for more than a million.

Now the price record is 6.5 million, says the broker. It was set up last year.

So far this year, the supply side has been low. Currently, there are no other similar items for sale.

– The warehouse is empty. Berger says it's the first time it's happened this early in the season.

How many cabins are sold varies by season. At most it was 10-12, estimates the broker.

– But normal is six, seven, eight, nine.

– What makes people sell these rooms?

– This is a mix of inheritance migrations, divorces and people who bought 10-12 years ago but want to move now.

A sign of change

In 2023, Norway's public cabin market experienced a downturn. After strong price growth the previous year, sales fell to an eight-year low last year.

According to Berger, the market is also “completely dead” on the islands in the Oslo Fjord. But now he sees signs of change.

– It's too early to call it a trend, but this (cabin on Bleikøya, journ.anm.) went right away. Last year we had no visitors and no bids.

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Now four were on display, and the cabin was sold after two days.

– Taking the growth so far this year, it is positive. Presumably, Berger says, more sellers will come in when they see the market rising.

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