A new race took place last night – NRK Trams and Finnmark

A new race took place last night – NRK Trams and Finnmark

The overnight landslide occurred in the Stalochargo tunnel, two miles away from the previous landslide. The landslide was recorded at 01:19.

No one was injured, says Pende Nyland of the North Side Road Traffic Centre.

– An avalanche has crossed the road, but no one is in danger of getting caught. As far as we know, nothing has been damaged.

Yesterday afternoon, a large avalanche crossed Highway 94 at Polarbase in Hammerfest.

This means that the only route to and from Finnmark is closed.

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration takes new assessments of the two landslide areas at 11am.

Airplane and boat

As a result, the rest of the population in western Finnmark can only get to the hospital by plane or boat. The hospital in the region is located in Hammerfest.

Finnmarkshykehuset says they are used to such situations and use alternative transport to transport patients to and from the hospital.

– We have an ambulance plane and a helicopter in case something happens. We also have an ambulance boat, says Erik Balm, communications manager at Finnmark Hospital.

He also says that he will use the helicopter in case of emergencies.

– Be patient

Transit operator Nyland says the road service is waiting until daylight before making new assessments.

– As mild weather has arrived, this is an ongoing weather phenomenon and people will have to be patient.

He recommends that everyone check weather, road and traffic reports before venturing out.

There is a significant risk of avalanches in Tramms and Finnmark today.

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Avalanche warnings classify conditions as danger level 3, where level five is the most serious.

Hiring a taxi – no fuss

Taxi Hammerfest has suspended all driving in the city. According to the company, the city is running out of ploughs.

Presis vegdrift, the city's plowing contract company, has a garage in Kvalsund on the other side of the slide. Tried contacting NRK.

– Many cars have already been attacked in the city. It's not safe, says John Inge Johnson, office manager of Hammerfest Taxi.

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